• Starbound provides the worlds best system of mini trampoline rebounding exercise in Starbound books and online streamling mini trampoline videos with Michele Wilburn international pioneer of rebounder exercise workouts, international coach for lifestyle fitness and wellbeing.

    Over the last 50 years the world of mini trampoline rebounding exercise has gathered momentum!

  • Starbound international best selling mini trampoline book of rebounding workouts with fitness lifetyle and wellbeing transformation plans "Michele Wilburn - Undisputed Queen of the Mini trampoline"  ~ Daily Telegraph UK


    Rebounding on a mini trampoline does provide extraordinary exercise!

    So what is a Rebounder or Mini trampoline and what is rebounding?

     Mini trampoline rebounders come in all shapes and sizes - mainly circular.


    Mini trampolines are suitable for performing rebounding exercise workouts indoors, either indoors at home, in the garden or at the gym.



    As a leading coach in the field of mini trampoline rebounding exercise for nearly 40 years, I have observed the bounce movement gaining steady momentum


    Exercising on Mini trampolines is often called Rebounding

    Rebounding on mini trampolines involves performing a variety of rebounding exercises, on the mat of the rebounder, to stimulate marvellous health and fitness benefits.

    Mini trampoline exercises don't have to involve strenuous effort for you to reap the benefits.

    Rebounding with Starbound mini trampoline workouts, your rebounder becomes a power-packed, healthy lifestyle tool - for fitness, cosmetic, and healing benefits.


    Starbound Workout rebounding exercise online videos create a great package combined with my Starbound book of rebounding exercise  for mini trampoline  workouts and transformation plans. When I started filming mini trampoline videos for my clients. I found they also provided a great tool for my clients attending Starbound workshops to use the videos at home practicing Starbound mini trampoline skills and perfecting the art of bouncing!


     I've travelled the world widely filming Starbound mini trampoline videos and delivering courses as a coach - and of course training teachers.


    More than just a bounce regime Starbound  is the first fully integrated system of  mini trampoline rebounder exercise workouts for lifestyle fitness and well-being. I present a variety of mini trampoline rebounding workouts for rebounding exercise with my Starbound book and recently released online streaming video showcases of Starbound Workout  mini trampoline videos .


     Studies reveal over 90% of people find that rebounding on a mini trampoline suits them - what's more they are likely to stay using their rebounder at home - it's easy and fun!


    If you take up mini trampoline rebounding for health and fitness at home, the secret is to learn rebounding skills carefully with attention to skill and technique. Too many people are performing skills on the minitrampoline without clear attention to posture or correct foot strike and arm routines.


    When carried out correctly, mini trampoline rebounding solutions can really work wonders for weight loss, cellulite, and lymphatic health and fitness. When you are using your rebounder correctly then you can confidently place the mini trampoline as a positive lifestyle home exercise tool in Starbound lifestyle Resolution Plans to support lasting transformation for a wide variety of lifestyle, beauty, health and fitness goals


    Starbound System of Mini trampoline exercise


    Positive press and public response to rebounding exercise workouts on mini trampolines for all ages. How mini trampoline rebounding exercise has evolved quickly to provide perfect exercise for fitness and health options.


    Your Health and Fitness

    If your immune system is geared for action when a virus or any invasion occurs you are more able to resist illness. Perform mini trampoline workouts daily for a few minutes or an hour - inviting protection from disease with every bounce!

    Join me with my holistic fitness and lifestyle courses, to 'move to improve' and bounce through transformation. 

    Press Praise

    Press have provided ongoing enthusiastic praise in regards to articles, TV and media in general. Rebounding exercise is encouraged by the press for all ages.

    As you bounce you way around my site you'll explore the amazing benefits of Starbound Mini Trampoline Rebounding exercise using quality mini trampoline rebounders, with numerous quotes from press publications

     Kind Words

    Read a few of the numerous testimonies I receive daily from around the world confirming my enthusiasm about mini trampoline workouts. People speak of increased energy throughout the day, better sleep at night, and of remarkable cosmetic benefits - flat tums, slim hips and thighs and easy weight loss.                   

    Best exercise

    Mini trampoline rebounding exercise workouts provide so many amazing benefits for people of all ages. Whatever your health and fitness concerns in most cases you can easily adapt the use of the mini trampoline for your purposes. Mini trampoline workouts  are great for weight loss, lymphatic health and fitness

    History of Rebounding      

    PEOPLE HAVE ALWAYS BOUNCED. Leaping and rebounding is a natural act tapped by the young in their play, forming an important part of recreation and physical education. From early childhood, babies bounce before they walk, with bouncing an instinctive element of spontaneous and organized play.


    About Starbound Mini trampoline workouts

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    Starbound 5 Star Fitness Mini Trampoline Workouts


    A variety of equipment for rebounding mini trampoline exercise workouts and other home exercise workouts - spice up rebounding workouts by cross-training.


    Rebounding patterns in Workout Module One (8 minutes) the fun really begins on your rebounder, blending Level 1 skills into simple patterns. It’s important to feel comfortable with these rebounding skills before progressing further. In themselves they provide a solid foundation for the more complex choreographed patterns in Modules 2 & 3 Starbound rebounding skills are named on screen to provide a reference for instruction. When learning new rebounding skills on your mini trampoline, remind yourself to keep hands on hips while you settle your feet.


    The Starbound system of rebounding exercise is based on Sequential rebounding exercise skills. Your arms and legs act as levers when rebounding.

    You begin mastering pulsing with the Rhythm Bounce and Walk, using a system of cross crawl to activate correct brain body coordination and patterning.


    As your balance and co-ordination improves you will establish a base of one star 1* Foundation skills, learning the foot patterns and correct arm patterns.


    Over time the extension of those skills encourage intermediate two star 2** skills and extended routines. When you are ready you move on bouncing further into three star 3*** patterns which expand and extend you capacity for speed, reaction time, agility and further Starbound rebounder exercise workout skills on the mini trampoline


    Exercise bands for resistance work well with rebounding workouts. As do resistance weights. Exercise balls offer great value to any workouts especially to support deep stretch and sculpting routines. Keep the bounce in your workout!



    Starbound Adds New Dimensions to Rebounding

    More than just a rebounding regime, Starbound workouts on mini trampolinestake place within five Starbound health and fitness rebounding zones.


    You achieve a well-balanced rebounding aerobics workout.As you bounce your way to health and fitness on a mini trampoline your mind is refreshed, and spirits revived!


    Starbound rebounding aerobics skills are performed with a soft pulsing foundation bounce, with the feet staying close to the mat


    Best quality mini trampoline rebounders are sold with quality rebounder spring covers which are important for safety

    Rebounding workouts on mini trampolines, also known as rebounders, bouncers and exercise rebounders, provides perfect home exercise and has become very popular in exercise studios.

    Best rebounders for home exercise  

    They're 40” (102cm) in diameter. Rebounders, smaller in size may not allow enough mat space for safely performing a range of rebounding skills - and research by biomechanical scientists has shown that 40" 102cm diameter of the entire rebounder provides the best surface for biomechanical stability. Many mini trampolines, especialoloy bungee cord rebounders are hexagonal in shape!

     The best size of mini trampoline rebounders stand approximately 8 inches (25cm) from the floor, and have a carrying weight of between 6 and 15kg


    Most mini trampoline rebounders have detachable legs that screw on, or are spring loaded for easy storage.


    With quality mini trampolines you can be assured of a smooth, yielding, rebounding exercise experience! A room height of 2.40 meters is usually quite sufficient for performing rebounding exercises for a wide variety of mini trampoline workouts. Quality mini trampolines are great equipment for fitness workouts at home - the whole family benefits from rebounding exercises


    Nourishing to tissues and joints
     Accessible in Busy lifestyles
     Versatile for the Whole family
     Effective in Cosmetic Image
     Beneficial for Mind Body and Spirit
     Energizing and Fun to Perform

    The transforming powers of mini trampoline rebounding exercise with Starbound workouts is the best way to revive your energy. Rebounding exercise lifts your spirits, revives your energy, refreshes your mind and strengthens and streamlines your whole body


     Mini trampoline rebounders come in all shapes and sizes - mainly circular. Mini trampolines are suitable for performing rebounding exercise workouts indoors, either indoors at home, in the garden or at the gym.


    You can choose quality mini trampoline rebounders either with steel rebounder springs, or with bungee cable cord springs - both systems for attaching the rebounder mat to a sturdy frame.


    Best quality mini trampoline rebounders are sold with quality rebounder spring covers which are important for safety


    Rebounding workouts on mini trampolines, also known as rebounders, bouncers and exercise rebounders, provides perfect home exercise and has become very popular in exercise studios and gyms.


    Starbound Workout mini trampoline rebounding exercise videos are filmed on quality SPRING  rebounders


    They're 40” (102cm) in diameter. Rebounders, smaller in size may not allow enough mat space for safely performing a range of rebounding skills - and research by biomechanical scientists has shown that 40" 102cm diameter of the entire rebounder provides  the best surface for biomechanical stability

     mini trampoline rebounders stand approximately 8 inches (25cm) from the floor, and have a carrying weight of between 6 and 15kg.


    It has been assessed that rebounding on a  quality mini trampoline rebounder provides about the same impact on your body and joints as walking on a carpeted floor surface.

    It is important to learn correct skill technique, in particular with a focus on postural stance throughout a variety of rebounding workout exercise skills.


    Exercising with a  mini trampoline your body becomes lean - like a dancer's, rather than bulked up with muscle. If you're housebound during the day, or working long hours at a desk, quality mini trampoline rebounders provide ideal home and workplace exercise equipment, for short sessions of exercise. In an instant you revitalize your energy, increase circulation, and replenish vital supplies of oxygen.



    Mini trampoline rebounding exercise video testimonials from happy customers - use Starbound videos for rebounding exercise routines at home on best quality rebounders. Mini trampoline springs, frame steel, spring attachment to the rebounder frame and mat create quality mini trampolines Customer Testimonials Starbound mini trampoline rebound exercise workout videos  I love to hear how you are getting on with your workouts. Below are a few of the numerous emails I have received recently from customers who are using the Starbound Workout videos and rebounding their way to better health and fitness! 



    How to recharge your lymphatic system with rebounding exercises on mini trampolines


    Exercising on mini trampoline rebounders helps lymphatic circulation and immune response - mini trampoline workouts pump lymphatic circulation!

    Title rebounding on mini trampoline reduces pressure and stress impact on joints and musclesdescription  Starbound mini trampoline workouts provide ideal workouts for weight loss, fitness training and holistic fitness without straining joints




    The best way to reduce stress impact on joints  rebounding on a mini trampoline


    The quality of mini trampoline rebounder equipment you choose for rebounding workouts largely determines the way your body will respond. If the mat yields only a short way, deceleration into the mat becomes too rapid. Your body is stopped abruptly at the bottom of the bounce.


    The springs and mat need to yield completely with your weight at the bottom of the bounce, yet maintain a stable surface tension to ensure you can bounce safely and comfortably.



    STARBOUND MINI TRAMPOLINE rebounder exercise rebounding SKILL

    1 * Star - Foundation

    2** Star - Intermediate

    3*** Star - Advanced


    Starbound Workouts with rebounders, rebounding, on and around mini trampolines provide the key to success within numerous rebounding exercise lifestyle plans.




    Rebounding Benefits
    Mini trampoline Forces
    Gravity and rebounding
    Rebounding Cells
    Rebounding Lymphatics
    Rebounding Energy
    Stress impact joints

     Revitalize  energy with mini trampoline rebounding exercise





    rebounding on mini trampoline reduces pressure and stress impact on joints and muscles



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    STARBOUND MINI TRAMPOLINE rebounder exercise rebounding SKILL

    1 * Star - Foundation

    2** Star - Intermediate

    3*** Star - Advanced

    Starbound Workouts with rebounders, rebounding, on and around mini trampolines provide the key to success within numerous rebounding exercise lifestyle plans.



    Title Press releases and comments about ideal rebounding exercise and rebounding expert Michele Wilburn


    Press praise benefits of rebounding exercise workouts with Starbounds core stability training on quality mini trampolines workouts using mini trampolines

    Description: Rebounding exercise workouts on quality mini trampolines are the best way for total core stability and strength training. pioneering the mini trampoline rebounding exercise workouts . Read comments from the press from major international publications encouraging people to use their rebounders and reap the benefits of rebounding workouts at home


     ' In the 1980's mini trampolines were very much a fashionable gym fixture, only to be quickly overshadowed by more state-of-the-art pieces of fitness equipment.. But suddenly mini trampoline rebounding has bounced back into fashion.'  


     'The major reason for its rediscovery - particularly in the Pilates studio - is the recognition that it can bring health as well as fitness benefits.'  Whatever your rebounding exercise workout goals for mini trampoline exercises - weight loss, fitness training, detox, revitalizing energy, Starbound resolution Plans in my Starbound Book will help you set your goals for creating rebounding exercise workouts to achieve success.


    Rebounding exercise workouts on quality trampolines provide ideal core exercise.‘All you need is a 40” mini-trampoline and a few minutes a day to give yourself a healthy glow, lose weight, lighter moods, better sleep, brighter vision, and open up your energy flow.’   


     'Devotees claim that, in addition to giving the heart and lungs a workout and building stamina, bouncing boosts the lymphatic drainage system and can even help with complaints such as lethargy, general sluggishness and constipation.'


    With rebounding exercise workouts performed using mini trampolines you instinctively isolate  abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, particularly as you push feet down into the mini trampoline mat. Rebounding exercise workouts are useful for physiotherapy rehabilitation and healing following surgery and injury.


    Rebounding on a mini trampoline enables you to make the most of the additional G-Force values, combining the additional forces of acceleration and deceleration in the vertical plane, without shock or stress impact loading on your body.


    "Sales of mini trampolines have soared since the injured England Captain David Beckham was pictured rebounding his way back to fitness last week.


    Now this simple piece of equipment has leap-frogged over high-tech, computerized gym products to becoming the most sought-after aid to getting a toned torso... the trampoline allows him to kick balls with his right foot while the soft mat cushions his left foot."


    I have coached many professional and VIP athletes, from soccer and rugby stars to tennis champions. They swear by the use of the Original trimilin Pro Plus lymphaciser RH48 rainbow rebounder in their training sessions.


    We use them prior to a big match to vamp up energy supplies and also following large tournaments and matches for recouping energy and releasing waste products.

    In the coaching rebounding exercise workouts we develop numerous skilols to enhance agility, proprioception, speed, reaction, time, balance - among many others.

    Once you've mastered Starbound rebounding exercise workouts, you'll be performing all rebounding exercise workouts to include movements that activate and initiate from your core centre, strengthening and streamlining your whole body.


    You constantly use your abdominal muscles with rebounder exercises, not only to control how high you bounce, but also to stabilize, and maintain balance and postural control.

    Exercising on mini trampoline rebounders helps lymphatic circulation and immune response - mini trampoline workouts pump lymphatic circulation!


    My clients use Starbound mini trampoline workouts for  'Lymphatic Reflex' rebounding exercises in their daily rebounding workouts. Lymphatic ciculation is powerfully activated during mini trampoline workouts on reboudners. 


    Discover the connection of your lymphatic circulation with your cardiovascular system, and look at how they both work together during rebounding workouts to strength, tone and streamline your body, cleansing and strengthening your lymphatic system, and immune system, increasing resistance to disease.




    Rebounding on a mini trampoline offers one of the most powerful exercise systems to stimulate conditions that pump your lymph, and shunt it forward in it's flow.





    Research suggests that when performing rebounding exercise workouts on mini trampolines activate the conditions that pump your lymphatic circulation.


    The upward bounce against the downward pull of gravity closes millions of the one-way valves that regulate the flow of fluid. Moving down again releases pressure in these valves.




    Numerous testimonies I receive from around the world confirm my enthusiasm. People constantly express surprise that when they are including rebound exercise in their daily schedules they feel so much stronger, for so little effort.

    People find exercising on rebounders is kind to joints, challenging yet relaxing for their minds, and calming yet uplifting for their spirits.


    " For similar levels of heart rate and oxygen consumption, the magnitude of the biomechanical stimuli is greater with jumping on a trampoline than with running, a finding that might help identify acceleration parameters needed for the design of remedial procedures to avert de-conditioning in persons exposed to weightlessness,"

    NASA Journal of Applied Physiology 49(5)


    Rebounding on a Quality Mini trampoline

    Nourishes and Protects Your Whole Body eliminating unnecessary stress impact on your joints


    When exercising on a floor or jogging on a pavement your spine can absorb up to five times the normal force of walking. As you land, vertical shock waves can spread from the ankles to your bones and spine. Shock waves can travel from the top of the spine and deflect off the skull, setting up additional standing waves.


    Impact shocks cause energy stored in your muscles to 'fly' to the protection of your feet, knees, ankles, hips and back. Joggers often suffer micro-trauma injuries to knees, heels and ankles.


    When impact shock is transmitted, via the hips to each vertebrae and disc to the skull, the discs act as shock absorbers.

    However they can only reduce the shock at each level. From my experience in coaching rebounding workouts I  see that rebounding on a  poorly designed rebounder can load tension back into the body rather than removing it.


    It is important to use a quality rebounder for mini trampoline workouts and to establish mini trampoline workout skills that ensure you are performing all rebounding workouts with perfect posture and rebounding exercise technique.


    However well documented the benefits of rebounding exercises may be in eliminating stress impact on joints, it is essential to plan your rebounding exercise workouts to include the elements of a well-balanced functional workout programme.


    Just rebounding alone can never provide the essential elements of a balanced health and fitness programme.With a Starbound approach to 5 Star Fitnessyou reap benefits as you bounce

    The increased G-Force, experienced when you land and depress the rebounder mat encourages a healthy surge of fluid throughout your whole body. As the pressure in your tissues changes, the flow of lymph is shunted on.

    Your body thrives on the change in speed and direction with rebounding exercise that occurs twice with each bounce. To create an increase in pressure, to stimulate circulation and move the lymph forward you depend on the following


    • Changes in gravitational pull, Muscular contractions

    • Respiratory pressure, with deep, full, breathing

    • Changes in atmospheric pressure

    • Activation of calf, thigh and abdominal muscles


    With rebounding exercises on mini trampolines you use the forces of gravity, acceleration and deceleration to strengthen the cells in your body, without applying traumatic stress impact to muscles, tissues and joints.

    Your immune system, of which your lymphatic vessels are an important part, is the mother of all systems. If it is geared for immediate action when any invasion occurs it will function well and you have less risk of falling ill.


    This busy network circulates soldier cells to fight infections, filter bacteria, and eliminate parasites and debris from your body. Rebounding is considered to be one of the best forms of exercise to activate the lymphatic system.


    • An estimated 90% of modern day illnesses and symptoms of poor health are lymph related.

    • Treatments are often best stimulated by the activation of lymph circulation. Many headaches, for example can be linked to poor lymphatic circulation.

    • There are over 300 lymph nodes in your neck, head and throat area - more than anywhere else in your body.

    • The function of these lymph nodes is mainly to drain toxins from your brain. If blockages in your lymph become stagnant, toxins are not able to drain efficiently.

    • If toxins move through your liver without being broken down, your body cells in general can become bathed in blood that is toxically charged.


    Your liver is loaded with lymphatic vessels, which transport fats and proteins as well as carting off wastes. With rebounding exercise on a rebounder  you immediately activate the major elimination organs of the LUNGS, KIDNEYS, LIVER and SKIN.


    Providing a wonderful lymphatic massage for your legs - rebounding workouts and lymphatic massage go hand in hand - rebounding exercise workouts encourages better circulation stimulating lymphatic flow and energy


    Rebounding exercise workouts on mini trampolines act as a powerful force to stimulate lymphatic circulation.

    To encourage optimum lymphatic circulation it is important to pulse gently at the beginning of all sessions, and equally as important to slow down and pulse at the end of your sessions.




    Without a doubt your lymph nodes are one of the most important stations of defence in your body. Your blood is taken on its journey, mainly by the pumping of your heart. But even though lymph flows for thousands of miles throughout your body, it has no such main pump.


    The flow of lymph is regulated by a series of valves, which depend on definite stimulants for activation. On a x-ray you see a string of pearls, with valves that open as the muscle belly is filled and compressed. You need an increase in pressure below the valve to open the leaf and shunt the lymph forward.




    Two types of Toxins influence your Health


    1. ENDO-TOXINS are released from within your body from cellular metabolism

    2. EXO-TOXINS are absorbed into your body from the outside world, food and fluids, drugs, breath, and pollution


    You have more lymph vessels than blood in your body, although they flow in one direction only, from the smallest capillaries to the largest ducts.


    Blood and lymph are interlaced throughout your body, merging to help each other, often running parallel routes, until they blend again, when lymph is tipped back into your bloodstream, via the large subclavian veins, behind your collarbone.






    The more you pump blood and lymph around the liver, which is loaded with lymphatic vessels, the better it will operate.


    Rebounding exercises on a mini trampoline stimulate lymphatic circulation in the liver to transport fats and proteins, as well as carting off numerous wastes.

    • Rebounding offers a natural laxative, decongesting your bowel, and stimulating the processes of digestion

    • Muscular reflexes are stimulated when exercising on a mini trampoline, which strengthen the muscles of your alimentary tract and the movement of your colon

    Rebounding workouts speed digestion, transit time of your food and helps to regulate bowel motions. Metabolism is stimulated with rebound exercise, which helps deal with the speedy removal of toxins.


    Rebounding exercise activates stagnating blood and lymph circulation, to prevent toxins and bacteria from stockpiling. Exercise rebounders provide fantastic fitness equipment, easily accessible for all ages and stages of the lifecycle with great benefits for health


    Rebounding exercise workouts can help create a Pump for your Lymphatic system


    Rebounding workouts provide exercises for the lymphatic system. For a number of reasons, exercise on a rebounder offers a perfect boost for your lymphatic circulation, and associated immune response.


    Like an army in defence, your immune system constantly monitors your body for antigens, sending soldiers in to fight when they're discovered. You'll read more about the important role of your immune system in Starbound my book.


    When rebounding, several conditions are activated simultaneously to provide a pump for your entire lymphatic system.

    You depend on an increase in pressure below the valves of the lymphatic vessels, to open the leaf and shunt lymph forward.

    Your liver has hundreds of duties to carry out - among them the breaking down and distribution of toxins.

    If it becomes overwhelmed, which is the case for many in the toxic hotpot that has become our world, it simply stops dealing with all the toxins that come its way. 

    Toxins are mainly broken down and distributed for disposal by your skin, bowels, kidneys, lungs and liver. Your liver swings into overload if it gets bombarded, and liver cells themselves begin to die off, adding to the toxic load.


    Your Whole Body Benefits With Daily rebound exercise!

    Your lymphatics have many roles to play when you

     perform rebounding exercise workouts


    Lymph naturally flows very slowly, with about 4 fluid ounces moving every hour. When you are inactive between one-fifth and two-fifth of a teaspoon of fluid is drained each minute, as opposed to up to four teaspoons when you are rebounding.


    Along lymph pathways, beadlike nodes are found, which vary in size, from a pinpoint to a cherry. They act as deprogramming stations for your cancerous cells, prevent viruses from invading further, and filter debris from your circulation.


    Read more about the connection of rebound exercise to your lymphatic system, and the associated immune response in Starbound my book, (P16/20)


    Fat, for the most part, isn't initially transported to your bloodstream, but absorbed through the intestinal wall into lymphatic vessels known as lacteals.

    Fat is picked up in the form of droplets, or as free fatty acids and glycerols, to be transported through your lymphatics before entering your bloodstream.

    When rebounding  on a mini trampoline the normal rate of flow may increase by 3 to 14 times.


    Rebounding exercise on Mini trampoline rebounders offers a Great Way to Recharge your Metabolism and to Boost all Body Systems


    Your METABOLISM consists of all chemical processes that take place in your body, including the building up of new tissues and the breaking down and disposal of old ones.

    Metabolism is a continuous process whereby every chemical change either uses or releases energy.

    The key for activating your metabolism lies in shunting wastes through your blood and lymph to be eliminated. 

    Ideally, longer rebounding exercise workouts will be followed by a deep stretch to help settle circulation.

    To read more about these vital forces that influence your health so powerfully refer to Starbound my book.




    If you are not feeling well you should stop all forms of exercise, including rebounding workours until you recover fully.

    When you first start out with your rebounding exercise sessions you ENTER A PHASE OF  literally rebounding your body back into balance. Toxic residues will be released, manifesting completely different symptoms for everyone.


    Expect emotional and psychological reactions to surface as the physical debris shifts. People often comment that when they begin rebounding on a mini trampoline they experience tingling skin.


    This is often a sign that blockages in fluid and energy are moving, electrical switches are being turned back on and cleansing is taking place. Initially you may feel worse while you are getting better.


    Rebounding workouts through detoxification with gentle pulsing sequences from The Starbound Workout will keep your oxygen supplies running high, and activate elimination organs to dispel toxins that are surfacing from within the body.


    t the same time you are able to use your mini trampoline to support the essential fitness components of mobility, conditioning, and deep stretch, within you weekly mini trampollne rebounding exercise workouts 


    With Starbound rebounding exercise video mini trampoline workouts, forget the statement, 'no gain without pain' rebounding should be stress free.


    In Starbound mini trampoline workouts, whether performing high intensity rebounding or very gentle rebound exercise, when you land on the mini trampoline mat the first portion of your weight deforms the mat surface.

    With your body not stopping abruptly at the bottom of the move, it continues going down several milliseconds.

    • The stress impact, trauma, and tension that would normally be loaded into your body with the same exercise performed on the floor, or jogging, is spread - being absorbed by the springs into the elastic mat, along with the abruptness which is applied to your ligaments and joints.

    • When exercising on mini trampoline equipment, more than with any other exercise equipment, your whole body is subjected vertically to the pull of gravity as you depress the mat.


    Mini trampoline workouts on quality rebounders with my Starbound mini trampoline workouts on video are designed to boost your energy and revive your spirits! You overcome the inertia that normally weights you down exercising at home. Feel Light! Joyful! Express POSITIVE ENERGY!


    Starbound Mini Trampoline workouts incorporate a 5 Star Fitness approach to rebounding exercise workouts. More than just a bounce regime you'll use and move about your rebounder in a variety of ways exercising to achieve a well-rounded fitness programme.Quality mini trampoline rebounders provider a central focus around which you can build a perfect home gym.Simply setting up a pulsating rhythm on the rebounder mat sends healing waves of vibration through your whole body, refreshing fluid circulation, opening up your breathing - revitalising your energy with mini trampoline workouts.When rebounding aerobics on your mini trampoline is a part of your daily routine, you'll enjoy the bounty of better health and fitness - live life to the full!


    An original pioneer of mini trampoline workouts, I have been coaching  mini trampoline workout and lifestyle programs for over 35 years.


    Start rebounding on mini trampolines with acclaimed author fitness and lifestyle coach. How do we get the Results we want using mini trampolines? With Starbound 5 Star Resolution Plans!


     Five Star rebounding fitness! My Starbound Workout videos online provide rebounding exercise workouts with progressive skill development, for wide participation of all levels of fitness. Whether you perform mini trampoline exercises for a moment, a few minutes or an hour, you'll be amazed at the difference even gentle rebounding makes.


    Rebounding exercise workouts on quality mini trampolines, also known as rebounders, or bouncers, provide excellent exercise for the whole family, boosting the lymphatic system and healthy immune response - keeping visits to the doctor at bay!


    For people with a busy schedule, rebounding exercise workouts on quality mini trampolines provide ideal home exercise - whether for a few minutes or an hour you'll be amazed how a gentle bounce can rejuvenate your whole being!


    More than just a rebounding regime, Starbound workouts on mini trampolinestake place within five Starbound health and fitness rebounding zones. You achieve a well-balanced rebounding aerobics workout.As you bounce your way to health and fitness on a mini trampoline your mind is refreshed, and spirits revived!


    Starbound rebounding aerobics skills are performed with a soft pulsing foundation bounce, with the feet staying close to the ma

    Although rebounders are often called mini trampolines,  garden trampolines are larger, The exercise techniques performed on both are completely different. On a large  garden or gym trampoline tricks and techniques are really more akin to modern cheerleading  moves.

    Most rebounders are round. There are a small number that are square, hexagonal or oval in shape. Most mini trampolines have between 6 and 8  mini trampoline has

    6 legs between 8 and 14” long
    a durable mat with an elastic nature
    an elastic element such as spring or bungee bands
    a round elevated rim which the legs support and which is attached to the mat by the elastic element, either springs or bungee bands

    Since their introduction, many improvements have been made to the quality and construction of rebounders. Spring size, shape, and durability have improved greatly over time, and in the last several years springs have been replaced entirely in certain high-end units by bungee-bands, which are quieter and may also offer certain advantages in terms of smoothness and user experience. Units with folding legs, and units whose entire body (including the mat and the rim) folds in half, or even in quarters, have been introduced. Rebounders can be purchased for anywhere from between $40 and $1,000 and up.

    The largest two differences between rebounders, other than manufacturing materials, relate to the source of elasticity - otherwise known as the spring!

     It is thye springing system that  is responsible for carrying the weight of the user. The quality of spring steel or bungee cord,  their longevity and responsiveness directly affect the rebounding experience that you will have. Add to that the unique bodyweight and style of rebounding that each personbrings to the same equipment, each person will have a unique experience - even on the same rebounder.

    Springs are either

    The two main mechanisms currently in production are bungee cords[6] and piano wire.[7]

    Types of exercise and movements performed
    Rebound exercise begins as soon as someone steps on a rebounder and begins to move their body. It can be highly aerobic — full-on sprints and interval training are ideal on a rebounder, because it does not jar the physical body anywhere near as much as does hard ground — or it can be very slow and gentle, with only a gentle rocking taking place.

    Just as rebounders have evolved from poorly made spring-based units to modern spring-based units and high-end bungee-based units, the types of exercise and movement done on rebounders has evolved as well.

    Al Carter initially introduced the distinction between the “health bounce”[8] (a gentle rocking motion that anyone in any state of health can do, which was said to stimulate the immune system), an “aerobic bounce” that involved elevating the heart rate (either running in place or dancing), and the “strength bounce,” which involved higher bouncing with both feet leaving the mat (leading to both abdominal and lower body strength directly as well as to the strengthening of all bodily cells through the accelerative force applied (see Claimed Benefits below).

    Subsequently, many different approaches have been taken to rebounding. For example, collaborating with Al Carter and working with athletes in the late 1970s and 1980s, Dr. Harry Sneider, a college athletic coach, brought his sport-specific training methods and the use of resistive hand-weights to rebound exercise.[9] More recently, JB Burns has pioneered an infomercial and mass equipment approach making use of dance-style workout DVDs for home users. Along the way, a variety of celebrities have endorsed rebounding, including the fitness guru Jack LaLane and the self-help guru Tony Robbins. Bob Hope reportedly said, ““I keep my REBOUNDER at the foot of my bed, and use it daily,” and President Ronald Reagan reportedly said, “If you see somebody jumping up and down on the second floor of the White House, that's me rebounding."[10]

    Claimed benefits
    There are five main organizing themes or perspectives with respect to what is claimed[11] [doubtful source: trampoline sales site] to be special about the health and fitness benefits of rebound exercise:

    Strengthened Cells: All of the body’s cells are said to be strengthened through the mechanics of rebounding, either because of gravity changes or because of pressure differentials (along with more oxygen reaching cells throughout the body);
    Increased Lymph Flow & Immune System Function: Rebounding is said to lead to greatly increased lymph fluid circulation, leading directly to a boosted immune system, greater white blood cell activity, and increased detoxification generally;
    Cardiovascular and Respiratory Improvement: Rebounding is said to directly yield impressive aerobic exercise benefits in terms of heart strength and functioning, respiration, and related physiological functions[12]; and
    Physical Strength, Muscular Development, Coordination, Balance, and Flexibility: Rebounding is often said to improve all of these.
    Low Impact, Less Strain on Joints, Soft Tissue, Skeleton: The elastic element of a rebounder, either springs or bungee bands, absorbs much of the impact or shock on each bounce, thereby making rebound exercise more attractive to those who need to avoid shocking or straining their joints, soft tissue, and skeleton.

    Rebounding is said to assist dozens of specific medical conditions—from arthritis to vision improvement—but there is little systematic peer-reviewed scientific evidence for these claims.
    Rebounding on quality mini trampolines is the best exercise

    An introduction to rebounding on mini trampolines with personal trainer, coach and author Michele Wilburn

    Mini trampoline rebounding exercise workouts revitalize  your energy

    A major benefit of rebounding on quality mini trampoline  rebounders lies in the lack of stress impact loaded onto joints - Stress absorbed during rebounding exercise workouts is assessed to be equivalent to 'walking on carpet

    Ideally with rebounding workouts on mini trampolines the stress impact usually loaded into your body when you perform floor aerobics or jogging, is absorbed by the springs and mat of the mini trampoline.


    Rebounding on a quality mini trampoline provides a low-impact, calorie-burning cardiovascular and lymphatic workout - altogether far easier on your joints than high-impact activities like jogging and performing aerobics on the floor.


    With regular rebounding exercise workouts, along with a healthy approach to your daily food intake, you can lose substantial weight rebounding daily. Within a few weeks and definitely streamline, tighten and tone your problem areas.


    What's more - you enjoy the exercise! Even short rebounding workouts on your mini-trampoline can produce great results! Professor of Movement Science Victor L. Katch, estimated a person of 135 pounds can burn 75 calories with rebounding exercise for about 12 minutes. Someone of 160 pounds will use 86 calories in the same 12 minute workout.

    And if you really work strenuously on your rebounder performing 12 minutes of high-impact aerobics you should burn up to 102 calories.


    Mini trampoline skills employed within rebounding aerobics training programmes also develop speed, reaction time, agility and co-ordination. Pioneers in visual exercises integrate rebounding exercise using mini trampolines for vision improvement, within therapeutic programmes.


    I have coached many professional athletes who swear by the power of mini trampoline workouts - both in their training and in their recovery following competitive exercise.


    STARBOUND is my unique system of rebounding exercise. It is based on your development of sequential skills, with precise attention to posture and  performance.




    I have worked with a number of therapists, including complementary and medical practitioners, who recommend clients for Starbound Mini Trampoline Workout coaching, advice on rebounding exercises, rehabilitation, and general fitness plans.

    Kinesiologists and complementary therapists, refer clients for Starbound mini trampoline workout coaching, to reap the benefits of rebounding exercise for health, healing and energy.


    Physiotherapists use rebounders in their programmes for rehabilitation, operation recovery, and general recuperation from injury. Rebound exercise offers ideal rehabilitation for many foot, knee, and leg injuries.


    "Meeting the Mood for Health and Fitness into the 21st Century Starbound can be described as the 'progressive revolutionary approach' required for successful transformation.


    Rebounding Eliminates stress impact on the joints, building on kinetic energy supplies


    Rebounding exercise is low impact - Kind to the Joints! Nourishing and detoxifying at the same time.


    The beauty of rebounding exercise is that everyone can benefit, no matter of what age or level of fitness. Mini trampoline rebounding workouts can easily be adapted to a level that best suits you.


    Exercising on a mini trampoline rebounder you feel light, joyful, and express positive energy. Whether for a couple of minutes or an hour - rebounding on a quality mini trampoline rebounder recharges your energy, lightens your mood, frees your spirit - you simply feel better!






    The first fully developed lifestyle, holistic fitness and well-being mini trampoline rebounder exercise workout system - evolving over 35 years by author. personal trainer and lifestyle coach Michele Wilburn


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    The Starbound  Concept

    Numerous testimonies I receive from around the world confirm my enthusiasm. People often express surprise that with rebounding exercise in their daily schedules they feel nso much stronger, for so little effort. People find exercising on rebounders kind to joints, challenging yet relaxing for their minds, calming yet uplifting for their spirits.


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