Fantastic offers for the worlds best minitrampoline rebounders and mini trampoline exercises in Starbound Workout rebounding exercise DVDs, mini trampoline video compilation, and best-seller Starbound Book of rebounding exercises and mini trampoline lifestyle plans. - Save $ with Starbound rebounding exercise Needak rebounder packs;  save with Starbounds UK trimilin rebounder mini trampolines - get the best rebounding exercise workouts in the world with Starbounds mini trampoline videos, DVDs and rebounding exercises in the Starbound book

Best quality rebounders for mini trampoline workouts are important. Beware cheap rebounders. Quality mini trampolines are well designed with quality rebounder parts!

Quality mini trampolines need specific springs, frame steel, spring attachment and fabric - use quality mini trampolines



Use best quality trimilin mini trampoline rebounders for Starbound rebounding exercise workouts are now available with quality trimilin rebounders in new zealand and australia - the best rebounders in the UK and Europe


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Starbounds special offers for Australian delivery include my mini trampoline package of rebounding exercises in The Starbound Workout rebounding video and Starbound book of mini trampoline exercises



Quality  rebounders are available with steel springs or bungee cord springs.



Starbound Workout mini trampoline rebounder exercise DVDs and books provide a complete package for rebounder workouts at home.

The Starbound Book of Mini trampoline exercises and lifestyle plans is an international best seller The Starbound Workout rebounding exercise DVD and video volumes provide rebounding exercise for  beginners to advanced, within 3 rebounding workouts   The Star of David design of the New Zealand lymphaciser rebounders offers impeccable rebounding exercises for top quality mini trampoline workoutsStarbound best quality rebounder mini trampolines for mini trampoline workouts  rebounding exercise for UK trimilin rebounders NZ and Australian trimilin rainbow REH48 lymphaciser rebounder USA Needak rebounders  Starbound Workout DVD and video workouts for mini trampolines are filmed on the Dead Sea in Jordan to bring a holistic Spirit to your workout at home

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Michele Wilburn author of Starbound rebounding exercises in book and videoChoosing a quality rebounder that suits your body is more important, from my experience, than choosing any other exercise equipment. Your whole body - weight, organs, bones, tissues and cells are absorbed into the springs and mat at the bottom of the bounce every second you are rebounding.


What goes into the rebounder mini trampoline mat rebounds back into YOU!


Please email any time if you have any queries regarding your rebounding workouts.




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Read about Trimilin rebounders



Starbound provides the best quality rebounder mini trampolines worldwide for rebounding exercise workout DVDs

The international best seller Starbound Book rampoline workouts contains a wide variety of rebounding exercise workouts along with resolution Plans to help use your rebounder as a central focus in numerous rebounder workouts as a lifestyle support to reach your goals  


Use Quality mini trampolines to eliminate stress impact on your joints - important for children and adults alike

The rebounders in my online shop are the best quality mini trampolines I know of in the world.


A handful of manufacturers around the world, listed in my Starbound shop in the Starbound mini trampoline packages with Starbound rebounding videos and books, understanding the health benefits of rebounding on quality mini trampolines, have designed wonderful mini trampoline rebounders, which continue to become more sophisticated in finesse and popular in the marketplace.


Many people contact me, having purchased cheap rebounders, only to find that the springs have broken, the mats have torn and the quality of the rebounding was not comfortable. Cheap rebounders do not work.






I receive letters from unhappy people daily such as ...


   "Hello The rebounder is a 'life fitness" one and the springs (excluding hooks) are 5cm in length, approx 2cm outer diameter.
I've been using it for about four weeks for probably 20mins per day 3-4 times a week. I've noticed that it has become, for want of a better word, baggy in the middle with dents where i've been jogging - and then the spring break... I've no idea how much a new spring will cost or the rate of replacements that i'll be needing.


So far I love the exercise but i'm not impressed that the rebounder hasn't lasted long. As I've been searching around the internet there seems to be a great many different makes and costs. The Life Fitness one was a gift and i know it wouldn't have been a particularly expensive one. Is it worth investing in  a better one?
Any advice appreciated."


Beware! Customers come to me because their rebounders have packed up within 6 weeks, and because they were cheap Asian duplicates, they can not get the rebounder parts. Nor is the quality of bounce stable over a long life span. mats bottom out, springs lose elasticity, and people lose interest in rebounding as a great form of exercise.


For smooth and non-jarring rebounding exercise the springs and mat fabric on mini trampoline rebounders need to be of the highest specification.


You can expect to pay for quality rebounders - rebounding exercise mini trampoline equipment of really good quality where component parts are available and of the finest quality.



When you compare this price to other domestic home exercise equipment, designed for example to provide an aerobic cycling, treadmill, or pilates workout, quality rebounders are comparatively inexpensive



Coupled with the fact that you do not need to wear training shoes on rebounders, or pay expensive gym fees with mini trampolines in the house - you recoup your outlay on quality rebounders very quickly.



The springs/bungee or steel springs, and mat on mini trampolines need to yield completely with your body weight at the bottom of the bounce, yet maintain a stable surface tension to ensure you can bounce safely and comfortably.


Mini trampoline choice points

with screw on & folding legs


Rebounders can be purchased with folding legs or with legs that screw on to the mini trampoline frame. Personally I find folding leg rebounders a definite God-send!


These rebounders can be quickly packed up at the end of a session, and kept out of the way - yet remain instantly accessible. For daily rebounding exercise workouts, and to be able to use mini trampolines spontaneously as well as in planned programmes, you do not want to spend more than 30 seconds setting up the mini trampoline for each session.


If it takes any longer to set up your rebounder it feels like a hassle - and a hassle generally means you leave it out of your daily routine!


More than likely - you'll stop rebounding altogether!



It is a matter of personal preference as to which mini trampoline rebounder legs will best suit you. Both rebounder designs are stable and safe - always check the mini trampoline legs at the beginning of each rebounding workout. In a small room, spring-loaded folding legs on a rebounder do make your mini trampoline more accessible.



If your rebounder is close at hand and immediately accessible you will definitely feel encouraged to rebound more frequently.



You can also purchase mini trampolines in the market place that fold in half or quarter; they can be an advantage if you are travelling often, and a godsend if you need to store the rebounder away.


Many engineering principles - static, dynamic, kinetic, and mechanical - are employed in the design phase of quality mini trampolines


Low priced or imported units have no bearings for the springs, coupled with weak, short- life springs. Many of these cheaper mini trampolines do not have a high quality polypropylene woven mat. (Permatron)  Inferior built units can have one or a combination of the following:





Chrome plated SMALL steel springs with less temper and elasticity


Poorly constructed screw off legs and cheap fittings which loosen and wear


No seat belt webbing to link mat and springs


Springs that are linked directly into the frame resulting in wear & uneven mat tension,


Limited guarantees if any, often not offering spare parts


Low grade materials right through from the mat to low quality metal frame

Over 99% of the time, an unfavourable rebounding experience can be put down to the quality and design of the mini trampoline coupled with a lack of understanding as to how to structure your mini trampoline rebounding aerobic sessions, with a suitable skill base and approach to rebounding workout. Mobility, conditioning and essential stretch are crucial elements of a safe and effective rebounding workout!

Best quality rebounders for mini trampoline workouts in Starbounds rebounder packages


Starbound DVD and book packages in UK and Europe

The Star of David design of the Trimilin Original RH48 Pro PLus rainbow  lymphaciser rebounders offers impeccable rebounding exercises for top quality mini trampoline workouts.

Starbound DVD and book lymphaciser rebounder packages in NZ & Australia

Mini trampoline Rebounder equipment  'Component parts' and Rebounder Design elements determine the quality of rebounders and the way you body responds. Rebounder springs need to move with you, so the mini trampoline mat can yield, yet still maintain an even surface tension for your rebounding exercises.



Having been a mini trampoline rebounding exercise coach and fitness professional, author, presenter and pioneer in the field of rebounding exercise for over thirty years I am careful as to which mini trampoline products I am prepared to advise my clients to use.


At times I have had to point out to manufacturers that the quality of a component part such as springs, need testing and upgrading



The design and manufacture of safe, effective and beneficial mini trampoline rebounders is a highly technical enterprise. I hope the tips on this page help you in considering your choice of rebounder mini trampolines for rebounding exercises.


Sophisticated quality rebounders begin with careful equipment design





In Starbound shopping pages for mini trampolines you'll find many recommended top quality mini trampoline rebounders.


These feature mats and springs that yield completely with your body weight, eliminating stress impact at the bottom of each bounce.


Replacing rebounder springs and mats



On some mini trampolines, springs may last for as little as six weeks - on others for years. If the manufacturer cannot replace springs you may find yourself having to purchase further rebounder equipment. 



There is no rule of thumb as to how long mini trampoline springs will last - even on top quality rebounders, springs occasionally need to be replaced within several months of use.



The main consideration is that if a spring does break, you must replace it immediately - never bounce on mini trampolines if  springs are broken.


Mini trampoline springs need to be strong and yielding, ideally coiled with 'tapered' ends to provide a yielding bounce, extensive durability and longevity.


The size and number of rebounder springs  influence the tension of the bounce with rebounding exercises, but this provides no indication of the springs yielding quality.


Raw materials, tensile and tortional stresses, spring coil specifications & tension, fabric durability, and rebound coefficients are among the elements that need to be carefully addressed in the design and manufacture of quality mini trampoline rebounders for home exercise.


The quality of the mini trampoline you use lies in the quality and design elements of the component rebounder parts.

Quality mini trampoline rebounders requires top grade mat fabric that allows no stretch during the downward bounce, as you are rebounding, yet at the same time provide a resilient lift.


Mini trampoline rebounder mat fabric comes in many different grades.  A high-grade mat fabric does not lose elasticity over years of use when rebounding. Highest grade mini trampoline mat fabric fulfils this requirement.


It is important with regard to the longevity of rebounders and for safety purposes, that the mini trampoline mat features strong double layers of  webbing stitched around the circumference, ideally both above and under the mini trampoline mat, where the springs are attached.


Quality mini trampolines always feature high grade rebounder mat fabric with quality thread stitched to precise specifications


Also important when considering quality rebounders is the quality of thread used when stitching the mini trampoline mat - and also the webbing tape, which reinforces the strength of the mini trampoline mat.


The thread that is used to sew the rebounders mat (with a precise number of stitches) needs to be a high quality nylon thread. The Mini trampolines in Starbounds recommended rebounder equipment Range feature the highest quality component parts.


Folding legs are ideal, but clearly in themselves do not influence the quality of the bounce itself.


Think about the quality of the bounce before the folding legs! Quality rebounders require

  •  Perfection in spring design 

  •  Highest quality raw materials 

  •  Precise mat construction

  • Precise stitching, in top grade of material and measurement.


Top grade mat fabric on quality rebounders ensures high elasticity for your body during rebounding exercise workouts



Special thread and webbing on mini trampoline mats, sewn to specification, prevents fraying seams



Cleats' are welded to the inside of the main frame, into which springs are loaded, to enhance mat resilience, ensure longevity of the frame, and provide a smooth refined quality of bounce



A unique spring and cleat design distribute even mat surface tension



Strong, coiled, spring steel enhances durability, elasticity & longevity of the springs


Quality Mini trampoline springs


Springs for a rebounder are important when it comes to manufacturing a quality mini trampoline. Many mini trampoline springs used on mass-produced rebounders, contain hooks that bend back on themselves, and are most prone to distortion and fracture.


Quality mini trampoline rebounders usually feature springs that load into 'cleats', which are welded by hand to the inside of a heavy grade steel frame. These internal rebounder frame cleats provide far smoother rebounding exercise, and ensure longevity of the frame itself.



Most tight mini trampolines feature rebounder springs that are loaded into holes punched under the rebounder cover, around the top of the steel frame.



This is less than ideal. Because your body weight will be heavier than the component frame steel and mini trampoline springs, you can expect the springs to cut grooves into the frame, eventually cutting through altogether


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Eliminate stress Impact

WITH The Starbound Workout two hour DVD and the Starbound book you have all you need to get into great shape exercising on your rebounder safely at home!

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Australian Original Trimilin  lymphacizer rebounder



Australian rebounders

Australia DVDs & books 

Australian rebounder FAQ's


Australian rebounders and New Zealand RH48 Lymphaciser rebounders are one and the same - the best quality rebounders in Australia, and are available with Starbound books & mini trampoline videos and PAL DVDs.


New Zealand Original Trimilin lymphaciser rebounder


New Zealand lymphacisers

New Zealand rebounder FAQ's

NZ DVDs and books.


RH48 lymphacizer rebounders also known as LYMPACISERS provide fantastic value.

New Zealand mini trampoline rebounders, lymphacizers, have great design, quality, finesse, smoothness and quality of the mini trampoline bounce,



Rebounders Europe

Europe DVDs & books


Starbound workout mini trampoline rebounder exercise DVDs provide a wide slection of mini trampoline rebounding  workouts


All quality lymphaciser rebounders are delivered internationally directly from my manufacturer warehouse , where warranty and spare parts are available.


Please email me if you have any queries regarding which rebounders are most suitable for your personal rebounding exercise.

The Starbound Workout mini trampoline rebounding exercise videos compiled into Volume One Five Star Fitness DVD

Benefit from the worlds leading system of rebounding exercises in BEST SELLER 2 HOUR Starbound Workout rebounding DVD and book, FROM BEGINNERS TO ADVANCED.

Starbound Workouts provide a lifetime of rebounding exercise workouts in the Starbound book of rebounding exercises and lifestyle plans. Make the most of your quality Needak rebounder with Starbound Workouts!

 Your choice of Needak rebounder with Starbound rebounder exercise workout DVD and Starbound book of mini trampoline workouts for the best rebounding workouts in the USA

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Join Michele Wilburn for 'Energyia Holistic Fitness Holiday Retreats' Mini trampoline rebounding exercises are included in Energyia Holistic Holiday retreat exercise workout sessions. 




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