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FAQs - Best rebounders for Mini trampoline Rebounding Exercise FAQs

Michele Wilburn author of Starbound rebounding exercises in book and videoThe contents of my site has been updated to provide answers to some of the many questions that have been coming to my desk over the past few months.

I am often asked ABOUT best!!! "what are the best rebounders?" "the best rebounders for kids?" and the "best rebounders for adults?" "What is the best time to bounce?" I have answered these questions below plus a few more!

If you have any questions please email any time.






Starbounds mini trampoline  rebounding exercise DVDS and rebounding book provide a complete series of workouts for home exercise on mini trampolines

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Always review any information that you receive on-line with your personal medical care provider.


My recommendations may not be appropriate in all situations, and are not intended as a substitute for treatment, or services ordinarily provided by health care professionals, for physiological or psychological complaints.


What are the best mini trampolines - best rebounders?


There is no set answer to this question. First you have to consider your body weight and the weight of regular users of the rebounders. Then look at all the component parts provided by the manufacturer. The springs, fame steel, mat fabric should be top grade USpp, the actual manner to which the springs attach to the mat - ideally on an inner frame cleat. You need to make sure that all component parts can be replaced once the rebounder is out of warranty, which should be for two years for the best rebounders.


The best rebounders have leg heights that enable a wide range of sculpting routines on the mat of the rebounder - it is more comfortable and advantageous than using the floor. A leg height no higher than 26cms is perfect for this - any higher and you lose your body alignment.


The best mini trampolines enable you to workout on the rebounder with a stable mat tension throughout your entire workout.


I see a lot of bungee rebounders these days - whose manufacturers insist are the best in the world - many users are not getting a stable foot strike. Their whole body is thrown off balance and there is no stable postural control. The best rebounders have mats should maintain an even surface tension during many techniques. The best mini trampolines in my opinion offer a range of folding legs. I dont care for half fold frames but folding legs are a real bonus unless you will have your rebounder set up at home in a place where it wont be moved about.

The best rebounders make you want to keep getting back o them! Ten times a day!


How Much ceiling height do I need to rebound safely indoors?



I am often asked how much ceiling height is required for rebounding on minitrampolines inside. As a rough guide, to assess appropriate ceiling height in your case, imagine you are standing on your mini trampoline, indoors.


If you allow 8 inches for the legs of the rebounder, you would require approximately 8/12 inches from your head to ceiling. In total about 15 to 20 inches above your head when you are standing on the floor should be quite enough space for Starbound skill development and general rebound aerobic exercises.


Bouncing on a mini trampoline in Starbound rebound aerobics sessions is not about leaping high into the air - rather using the mini trampoline mat as a pulsing base from which all other rebounding skills and techniques unfold.


Your feet usually clear the mat, at between a height of half an inch to no more than two inches. Children jump for joy, and jump high! So make sure there is room for their gay frolics!


My balance is not very good. Am I likely to fall off the rebounder?


I haven't met anyone who has actually not maintained balance on the mini trampoline, even if they have been very unstable on their feet. Exercising on a rebounder actually trains your balance and helps establish better patterns of co-ordination and kinesthetic awareness.


However I advise anybody who lacks confidence with balance to use a support bar when commencing mini trampoline programmes, at least initially. Support bars not only help with balance, but enable you to focus more comfortably on posture, performance, and most importantly - ENJOYMENT!!!


What is Rebounding Aerobics?


Rebounding on a mini trampoline involves performing a variety of rebounding techniques on the surface of the rebounder mat. Rebounding is considered an aerobic form of exercise. Starbounds system of rebound aerobics involves using the mini trampoline with five zones of the Starbound Workout - 5 Star Fitness - with a BOUNCE!!!




It is not just about bouncing on the mini trampoline, - but rather using the mini trampoline to maximum advantage to establish a well-rounded fitness programme. Starbounds approach to rebound aerobics involves a great system of bouncing exercises from beginners to advanced, along with great routines for developing and maintaining mobility, flexibility, and top body conditioning.


Who Can Bounce?  


Just about everybody can enjoy rebounding exercise.  Dr. James White, researcher at the physical education research laboratory of UC San Diego and the author of "Jump for Joy" (Arco Publishing 1984) found that 93% of the patients that received recuperative assistance at his facility (the total number being 2300 individuals over a 7 year period) were able to incorporate rebounding into their rehab programs - with excellent results.


If you have reason to suspect that you may be one of the few who would not benefit from bouncing especially if you are recuperating from an illness or injury - please check with your physician before starting a rebounding program.


When Is the Best Time to Bounce?

You can 'health bounce' anytime you feel like it:  

  • As soon as you get out of bed in the morning

  • About 10 minutes before a meal to help curb your appetite

  • If you feel tense or anxious - bounce into a better frame of mind

  • Whenever you need to replenish your energy

  • To refresh mind and eyes after staring at a computer screen for too long

  • Instead of being a couch potato while you watch TV

  • While you're chatting on the phone

Aerobic and strength bouncing like any strenuous exercise should be done on a fairly empty stomach. So do your 10 to 40 minute workouts just before breakfast or lunch or dinner or a few hours after a meal. 


Where Should You Bounce?  

Find a space in your home where the rebounder will have a few feet of open area around it - preferably where you can keep it set up.  If it is visible and easily accessible then you will be much more likely to use it regularly.  An ideal location would be in front of a TV/VCR and close to to a source of music.


What to Wear?  

  • Wear clothes loose enough for full range of movement.

  • Avoid pants or skirts that are too long or full at the ankle - as your feet may catch in the cloth while you're bouncing.





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