mini trampoline rebounding workouts with Michele Wilburn. Introducing her Starbound videos and mini trampoline book of workout and lifestyle plans

POwerful forces are released with mini trampoline rebounding exercise workouts  with astonishing effects for fitness wellbeing and lifestyle

"Michele Wilburn - Undisputed Queen of the Mini trampoline"  ~ Daily Telegraph UK

Hand exercise balls & hand putty are great for rehabilitation exercise workouts using mini trampoline rebounders


Hand exercise balls & hand putty are useful in rehabilitation exercise workouts using rebounders. Use hand putty for physiotherapy and to strengthen and heal.


Shop for Health & Beauty Hand Putty for Starbound Mini trampoline rebounding workouts

Mini trampoline rebounding exercise workouts are ideal for home exercise. Whether a few minutes or an hour you feel the transforming power that bouncing on quality mini trampolines brings. However busy the schedule, we need time out each day for home exercise and meditation - not only for the body, but for the mind, and for spiritual reflection.


The way we arrange our living and working environments influences our lives and destiny! True beauty evolves with life, as we age and discover more deeply who we are - moving forward with confidence and self-worth. If the emotional charge infiltrating our psyche is not expressing a positive outlook, no amount of facial or body conditioning will mirror real beauty. Use Starbound mini trampoline rebounder workouts to feel the lift - rise above your problems and bounce your way to balanced health and beauty!


"Wilburn’s fitness regime changes the image of the mini-trampoline rebounder forever... No longer can it be written off as a baby bouncer or a housewives gimmick.  Use Starbound simply as a fitness programme with the bouncer as a central prop, or extend it into a whole philosophy for healthy living, combining physical activity with attention to diet, stress reduction, and numerous complementary therapies. 

~ Time Out UK


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Hand Putty for physiotherapy

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"...Exercise guru, Michele Wilburn puts bounce back into peoples steps. She has energy levels most of us only dream of and a "wow factor" that almost shoots off the scale! She attributes it to Starbound, the health and fitness regime she developed in NZ and launched from the heart of London..."