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Many people with arthritis and muscular and joint injurikes and ailments have found gentle vibrational workouts using rebounders can be highly beneficial.




Best quality mini trampolines, rebounders for mini trampoline workouts DVD rebounding exercise videos at home for the best rebounding workouts





Best quality trimilin mini trampoline rebounders for Starbound rebounding exercise workouts are now available with quality trimilin rebounders in new zealand and australia - the best rebounders in the UK and Europe




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Starbound Workout mini trampoline rebounder exercise DVDs and books provide a complete package for rebounder workouts at home.


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Fitness Holidays Starbound provides the best mini trampoline rebounding exercise plans for transformation 

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 Michele Wilburn author producer  personalt rainer and transformation coach. Starbound provides the worlds best mini trampoline rebounding exercise workouts books and videos


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Even a few minutes a day on a mini trampoline works wonders! You have the fun! Gravity does the work! I teach you to bounce safely and with style!

Starbound Workout rebounder exercise workouts on DVD and in Starbound books are international best sellers. Choose Starbound sequential skill directories for perfect rebounder exercise skill development.



"Undisputed Queen of the Mini Trampoline" 

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Why choose a quality mini trampoline? Choosing Rebounders

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Starbounding Starbound DVD Overview Starbound Book Review Starbound Enterprise Rebounding Tips Rebounding Forces Why use quality mini trampoline? Choosing Rebounders


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With rebounder exercises on a quality mini trampoline, the activation of fluid circulation - in particular of the lymphatic system - readily encourages the removal of waste products and toxins from the system. As circulation improves, they are replaced with a renewed supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and joints. Underlying causes that may trigger an acute attack must be eliminated for real improvement to take place.


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Rebounding Workouts with Arthritus - Topical Tips for Mini trampoline workouts

Use mini trampoline rebounder with Starbound minitrampoline exercise DVDs and rebounding exercise resolution plans in Starbound books for total health and beauty


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Performing rebounding exercises on a mini trampoline provides popular home exercise for many people suffering from arthritis and rheumatic conditions.




Gentle rebounding enables you to work at a personal pace, and set the intensity of the rebounding exercise to a personal rhythm.


Starbounds special offers for Australian delivery include my mini trampoline package of rebounding exercises in The Starbound Workout rebounding video and Starbound book of mini trampoline exercises

Quality rebounders


DVDs and books

Weleda Massage Balm 500ml
Weleda Massage Balm is for muscular and rheumatic pain.

It should ideally be applied after a warm bath or shower whilst the skin is still moist. Use after a bath or shower

Do not apply to broken skin
If redness or itching occurs discontinue use



Rebounding Tips for Arthritis, Rheumatic & Muscular Pain Relief


Starbound sessions ideally begin with purely pulsing routines to open the circulation, in a gentle manner.



Monitor your reactions to various Starbound techniques thoughtfully, and plan your rebounding sessions accordingly.



This encourages the gradual warming of body fluids that will become lymph obligatory.



It helps to stimulate the flow of cerebro-spinal fluid, whilst releasing residual muscular tension that your body may be housing.



Gentle vibrational bouncing stimulates fluid surrounding your joints, offering lubrication to inflamed tissue, and circulation exchange.


With gentle rebounding on a mini trampoline rebounder the efficiency of your immune system is increased, and elimination of urea is activated by better circulation.


Bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles and joints are strengthened. Joints are nourished due to improved circulation.


In addition, it is clear that sensible lifestyle planning, with attention to food, stress management and pampering plans, can exert a remarkable influence upon the health and well-being of the individual.

Mix up a massage oil with a stimulating blend of Rosemary, Lemongrass, Peppermint and Lavender - this massage oil blend  helps to relax and re-energize tired muscles and joints after activity.


Gently massage the oil into the affected area. The Massage Oil helps reduce muscle spasm, while improving the flow of blood and lymph to the joints and muscle tissue.


You may find it helpful to take a warm shower or bath before rebounding on the mini trampoline, gently massaging a small amount of the oil into your skin.


Never allow yourself to become overly fatigued during your rebounding sessions. Avoid high intensity rebounding, or any sequences that require force across a joint.


Topical rebounding tips for General Rehabilitation



It is often said that there are as many different types of arthritis as there are sufferers.


The term arthritis refers to the 'inflammation of the joints'.



The two main categories are referred to as Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis.



Within these two categories there are differing forms of disability and severity.


Treatment often involves drugs to suppress pain, which can produce unwanted side effects. The worst thing you can do, if you want to eliminate side effects accumulating from your condition, is to sit around passively nursing your wounds. You need to gently 'get on the go'.


  • It is important however never to over-exert, and never to over-heat the body when rebounding. Never perform rebounding exercise on a joint while it is hot or inflamed or if it is overly swollen.

  • Never perform rebounding exercises in the heat of an attack.

  • Wait for swelling and/or pain to subside before recommencing your rebounding sessions.






Remember to plan a balanced approach to your rebounding exercises, integrating gentle rebounding sequences with techniques for stress management, breathing, mobility, gentle stretch, and deep relaxation.


Many people neglect the WARM UP phase of their mini trampoline rebound aerobics programmes.

In Starbound my book (p 178/179) I outline a variety of lifestyle factors and exercise tips that may be taken into consideration.


These are designed to help when performing exercises on a mini trampoline, with Starbound programmes.


Use a stabilizing support bar if you are in any way lacking confidence or unsteady with your posture. You'll find a variety of other subjects covered in Starbound Resolution Plans throughout my book that may be of help with your lifestyle planning.

  • Follow a food plan that is predominantly alkaline (P115 Starbound Book)

  • Keep your intake of saturated fats and animal fats to a minimum. (P113 Starbound Book)

  • Avoid, or at least limit, any foods and beverages that restrict your absorption of minerals, such as coffee, white bread and bran.



Quality USA Needak rebounders are now all available in blue or black, in either non fold or half fold.

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Starbounds mini trampoline video and rebounding exercise DVDS and rebounding book provide a complete series of workouts for home exercise on mini trampolines

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Use rebounder exercise workout plans in my Starbound book with Starbound Workout DVDs to reach you goals

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Mini trampoline rebounding exercises are included in Energyia Holistic Holiday retreat exercise workout sessions. 


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Starbounding Starbound DVD Overview Starbound Book Review Starbound Enterprise Rebounding Tips Rebounding Forces

Why choose a quality mini trampoline? Choosing Rebounders

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