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Use Aromatherapy massage oils and body lotions during mini trampoline rebounding workouts with rebound exercises for health and  beauty routines


Use essential oil fragrances during rebounding exercise workouts to  lift your mood and encourage a positive attitude!

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There are many imitation oils stacked on shelves that will not serve any therapeutic purpose.

The molecular structure of the oil must be genuine to influence the limbic portion of your brain, and exert a healing effect.

When used in massage, essential oils and base oils combined, are absorbed directly into your skin, which is your body's largest organ.



If they are synthetic, then obviously they will present no real cosmetic benefits - in fact they present toxic residue to your body instead.

The fragrant essence of oils comes from within the cells of plants, which account for why they offer such a powerful healing stimulant and renowned beauty aid.

Research shows that molecules of the plant cells lodge themselves in the limbic portion, which is the emotional centre, of your brain.

Use oils in a variety of ways during rebound aerobics sessions to revive your mood, balance your emotional and mental framework, and enhance your cosmetic appearance.


See Starbound Book FlOWER POWER, PAGE 33


The practise of real aromatherapy requires nothing less than the very best quality essential oils.

In Starbound my book I present suggestions regarding the use of essential oils within rebound aerobics sessions and Starbound Resolution Plans.

When used for massage, and integrated into body lotions, these oils are absorbed directly into the skin - your body's largest organ.

The cosmetic benefits are pure and powerful.

Whether you add a few drops to your bath to create a relaxing home sanctuary, mix several oils to a massage oil base for a pampering treatment, or put a few drops of oil onto a vaporizer to suit your mood during mini trampoline sessions - you need very little essential oil. 

A couple of drops are often enough to achieve the desired effect. A couple of minutes of self-massage will lead you to your body's points of tension, encouraging deeper relaxation and body awareness.

Please note that the packaging of the bottles may vary from those demonstrated, according to the oil you choose and the size of the bottle




Test between genuine and fake oil by placing a small drop of essence on a piece of blotting paper.

Pure essences evaporate and disperse, leaving no residue, while mineral oil and spirit-based essences leave oily patches

Diffusing essential oils during Starbounding mini trampoline programmes, both while performing rebound exercises and while performing complete rebound aerobics workouts, provides a natural bonus to your mood and energy.

I suggest you keep a variety on the shelf, and become familiar with their properties.

Once you have decided how to use the essential oils, they do the work, while you reap the benefits. Essential oils are 'essentially' the fragrant 'essences' from flowers, leaves, barks, and even berries. 

They can be used to treat a variety of ailments, stress-related disease, and as mood enhancers they are next to none!

The cosmetic benefits to be gained from using essential oils in a variety of ways is well documented.

In pure essence, when essential oils are authentic in origin, and extracted with care, the oil contains the active ingredients of the plant from which they are derived, in a highly concentrated form.

They should be treated with respect and care.

Essential oils should always be diluted in oil or lotion before they are used on the skin. Essential oils should never be taken internally, unless under professional, well-qualified supervision.

How to use Essential Oils




Add 5 to 10 drops of oil into a clean bowl of water. Soak a clean cotton cloth in the water, lay the cloth over the chosen area, and keep the area warm.




Add between 5 to 8 drops of essential oil to a bowl of steaming water. Place a towel over your head. Inhale the vapour for a few minutes. Additionally, place a few drops of oil on a cotton handkerchief or tissue to inhale, without touching the oil to the skin.




Add a few drops of your selected essential oil, or oils, into an electric, ceramic, or light bulb vaporizer. The oils can be mixed to suit your mood and personal requirements. 



Approximately 4 to 9 drops of essential oil can be added to a warm bath. Wait until after the bath water has been run and the water has settled before adding the essential oil.




Mix a solution of essential oil in a base oil to a concentration of between 1 and 3%. For a 100ml of base oil between 20 and 60 drops of essential oil can be added.

As a guide for just one full-body massage - pour a little base oil into a clean dish, and add between 2 to 7 drops of essential oil.




Use a base lotion and add the same proportion of essential oil as listed above to the base. Ensure the lotion is well mixed before applying.




Add a few drops of your chosen essential oils to refresh potpouri.

Room sprays offer a perfect way to freshen an environment. Add a few drops of essential oil, or a blend of essential oils, into a spray gun. Spray the mist around the room, avoiding polished furniture.








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Fitness Holidays Starbound provides the best mini trampoline rebounding exercise plans for transformation 

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 Michele Wilburn author producer  personalt rainer and transformation coach. Starbound provides the worlds best mini trampoline rebounding exercise workouts books and videos


Mini Trampoline Rebounder

Exercise Workouts Online and DVD and Videos

Bounce with Me!

Even a few minutes a day on a mini trampoline works wonders! You have the fun! Gravity does the work! I teach you to bounce safely and with style!

Starbound Workout rebounder exercise workouts on DVD and in Starbound books are international best sellers. Choose Starbound sequential skill directories for perfect rebounder exercise skill development.



"Undisputed Queen of the Mini Trampoline" 

 ~ Daily Telegraph UK



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Please Shop with Starbound in the country regions above for mini trampoline rebounders, rebounder exercise DVDs and books.



With holistic well being in mind you can use daily Starbound mini trampoline rebounding exercise workouts to cleanse and strengthen your body and transforming your entire well-being and state of mind. The powerful aroma and healing properties of flowers, herbs and wood, contained in essential oils has been used for centuries to relieve stress and enhance general well-being.

They contain next to magic properties for rejuvenation and regeneration. I always use my essential oil burner during rebounding workout routines to suit my mood and revive my spirits. Pure Flower Power while rebounding!




rebounder workout plans





rebounder workout plans


Use mini trampoline rebounder with Starbound minitrampoline exercise DVDs and rebounding exercise resolution plans in Starbound books for total health and beauty

For the medicine cabinet

Use essential oils during rebounding workouts


The powerful aroma of essential oils, collected from petals of flowers, herbs and wood, has been used for centuries to relieve stress and enhance general well-being.



They contain next to magic properties for rejuvenation and regeneration.I have selected a few of my favourites for the medicine cabinet below You might also like to read below about using essential oils during Starbound mini trampoline DVD workouts,

Starbounds special offers for Australian delivery include my mini trampoline package of rebounding exercises in The Starbound Workout rebounding video and Starbound book of mini trampoline exercises

quality rebounders

FiT Kit INdex

DVDs and books


Stock up the Medicine Cabinet


rebounder workout plansrebounder workout plans


tiger balm relieves many ailments, warming the circulationTiger Balm (White) 19g Regarded as providing relief from many ailments related to circulation aches and pains and,headache relief. Tiger balm can also be used for foot and back rubs, shoulder tension, Myalgia muscular pains, migraines,
relieving itch from mosquito bites and relieving coughs or respiratory complaints.


Item Code 012626

Price: 9.99 (19g)

Includes mainland UK delivery




rebounder workout plansrebounder workout plansrebounder workout plans


lavender oilThe most versatile and useful oil Lavender oil has many uses including relaxing and soothing the mind and body, to neat wounds and burns, blends happily with many other oils, used as an insect repellent. This oil can also be used as a massage oil, in a vaporiser, in bath preparations and on a pillow.


Item Code 012626

Price: 9.99

Includes mainland UK delivery




rebounder workout plansrebounder workout plansrebounder workout plans

In 50 ML Bottles

weleda balm lotionA traditional homeopathic herbal remedy for symptomatic relief of sprains, muscular pain or stiffness, ARNICA lotion helps reduce bruising and swelling from minor bumps.
Essential for the medicine cabinet. Avoid contact with eyes and with open wounds


Item Code 000111

Price: 8,62


Includes mainland UK delivery


 rebounder workout plansrebounder workout plansrebounder workout plans

In 10 ML Bottles

tea tree oilContains natural purifying antibacterial properties to help soothe blemished skin. Australian Tea Tree Oil is known to be an effective antiseptic and fungicide and promotes tissue healing. Externally: Tea Tree oil may be applied directly to the skin to stimulate regeneration of injuries and fight bacterial and fungal infection. If you have sensitive skin, you may want to dilute it with a little olive oil. A Massage Oil can also be used as a carrier oil since it is formulated especially for skin absorption.


Item Code 0001254

Price: 9.99

Includes mainland UK delivery

 Treat your senses with essential  delights

rebounder workout plansrebounder workout plansrebounder workout plans

Ue essential oils during mini tampoline rebounding exercise DVD workouts to lift your mood.Using essential oils during Starbounding programmes provides a natural bonus to mini trampoline rebounder exercise DVD sessions. I suggest you keep a variety on the shelf, and become familiar with their properties. Once you have decided how to use essential oils, they do the work, while you reap the benefits.

In Starbound my book I present suggestions regarding the use of essential oils within your rebound aerobics sessions.The possible selection of oils is so vast that I have selected a few of my favourites to present within my health and beauty pages to get you started.


rebounder workout plans


ROSE PHYTOL (flowers) rosa damascena!! ORGANIC!!


essential oils can be used in a variety od ways during rebounder workouts.As far as oils go, this is my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE!!!! And as far as prices go - it's just as well that a little goes a long way! Rose Phytol has all the rejuvenative and healing properties of Rose Absolute.


But where Rose Absolute is produced by solvent extraction, Rose Phytol is steam distilled, and purely organic. Simply the best! This leaves it as close to perfection as possible. One drop at a time makes this the perfume for a lifetime. I am addicted! And it lasts forever!


rebounder workout plans




Rosemary has been used as a culinary and medicinal herb for centuries. The oil is refreshing, stimulating, and is believed to strengthen the memory, concentration, nerves, and mood. Therapeutically it is a great aid for headaches, weak eyesight, and hair and scalp problems, including hair loss and dandruff. It is often useful for general debility, for pepping up poor circulation, relieving arthritis, and calming irritating coughs.


rebounder workout plans


TEA-TREE (leaves of the tree)  melaleuca alternifolia


A deep cleansing, and stimulating oil with strong antibacterial properties, tea-tree is ideal for treating problem skin. In my opinion it isn't the most pleasant smelling of oils, but with its excellent germicidal and anti-fungal properties it has a wide range of uses, including the treatment of colds, flu, herpes, thrush, athletes foot, warts, and many other skin infections.



rebounder workout plans


YLANG-YLANG (flowers) cananga odorata


Ylang-Ylang is a soothing and sensual oil, with a floral, sweet, exotic perfume. Ylang Ylang is said to be an aphrodisiac and helpful for frigidity.


It has a sedating effect on the nervous system, and is considered beneficial for high blood pressure, anxiety, and stress. It can be an effective remedy for all digestive disorders, including indigestion, diarrhoea, and colic. Cosmetically Ylang ylang is excellent for both oily and dry skin, and mixes well in a massage blend. It provides a pampering treat when used in the bath.


rebounder workout plans


VIOLET LEAF ABSOLUTE(flowers) viola odorata


Violet Leaf Absolute is another very expensive oil, but is worth its weight in gold! Violet Leaf Absolute invokes a calming, beautiful and gentle response - ideal for meditation, and restoring a positive attitude to life in general. It helps to promote confidence and self-esteem. When used on a regular basis Violet Leaf Absoute will encourage a positive vision for the fulfillment of your personal and professional goals. It is a brilliant oil to diffuse, while working or involved in a creative project.  Violet Leaf's mossy aroma is unlike that of the flower.


rebounder workout plans


PINE(trees) pinus sylvestris


Pine is a stimulating, invigorating, oil with a fresh, sharp aroma. With antiseptic properties, it is considered to be an effective deodorant, and hygenic air freshener. It is also helpful for infections of the respiratory tract, such as asthma, sinusitis and flu.


Pine is often useful as a mix in massage oil. It is effectively used in the bath for rheumatism, cystitis, kidney problems and gallstones. In general Pine provides a great tonic for debility - so if you are lacking 'get up and go' I suggest Pine is the oil to get you back up and rebounding on a mini trampoline!


rebounder workout plans


CAMOMILE ROMAN (flowers) anthemis nobilis


This light fragrance is sweet and soothing.  Camomile Roman provides an excellent oil for use in skincare - soft and gentle. I also often use a few drops of this oil in my vaporizer during meditation. It is also effective as an inhalation if you are feeling stressed.


rebounder workout plans


CYPRESS (leaves of the tree) cupressus sempervirens


Cypress is a natural astringent and deodorant, with a pleasing woody fragrance. The properties of Cypress also make it an effective footbath.

Cypress is relaxing and refreshing. It calms and restores your nerves, and is renowned for stimulating sluggish circulation. Many people report that it is useful as an inhalation in cases of asthma, influenza, and spasmodic coughs. It can be helpful in cases of varicose veins, rheumatism, and muscular cramps.


Combine 3 drops of lavender with 5 drops of cypress in a sitz bath to stimulate the healing of the perineum following childbirth and haemorrhoids. (Starbound my book p.160)


rebounder workout plans


Clary Sage


has highly euphoric properties, which makes it the ideal oil to use if you need to induce a sense of well-being! It has a warm, nutty scent.


Clary Sage essential oil should not be used during pregnancy. It is an oil with marvellous properties for up-liftment. At the end of a working day, when you need to recharge for an evening out, try a few drops of Clary Sage in the vaporizer, or bath. It really works wonders! Clary Sage releases a new lease of energy, and a clear perspective


Clary Sage is ideal for all types of debility, whether physical, nervous, mental or sexual. It is reported to help regulate high blood pressure, and can be used as a nerve tonic. It can be used to help combat depression, insomnia and menstrual problems.


rebounder workout plans



Geranium has always been a favourite of mine; indeed one of the mainstays of my essential oil cabinet! has a mild tonic action, suitable for all skin types. Geranium  is cleansing and refreshing, and has a delicious floral fragrance.


I find Geranium mixes well with most other oils, whether for vaporizing or massage. It is both refreshing and relaxing - with extremly positive balancing qualities. It also helps to bring relief from anxiety, depression and neuralgia.


Geranium is popular for use in combating congestion, fluid retention and obesity. Its astringent qualities can help to clear the skin.


rebounder workout plans


LAVENDER (flowers) lavandula angustifolia


Lavender is a most versatile and soothing oil. It is wonderfully relaxing. It releases rejuvenating properties, which make it useful in skincare preparations. Lavender is an excellent antiseptic, and very healing - making it useful for burns, wounds, bites, dermatitis and inflammation of the skin in many cases.


Both a nerve sedative and a heart tonic, lavender is considered to lower high blood pressure, and relieve anxiety, palpitations and depression. Lavender is useful in cases of sprains, rheumatism, and all catarrhal complaints. I find it blends well with other oils for vaporization and massage. Lavender is another mainstay of my essential oil cabinet - I keep a bottle in my handbag in case of emergencies!


rebounder workout plans


ORANGE BLOSSOM (NEROLI) (flowers) citrus aurantium


Orange Blossom, also known as Neroli, is a sweet, exquisite, delightfully refreshing perfume. It has warm, rejuvenating properties. Neroli is an invaluably classic ingredient in many famous perfumes.


Neroli is an expensive essential oil, but it can definitely be said that it is worth it's weight in gold when it comes to caring for your skin. It is particularly beneficial for dry, mature skins, and in the treatments of sensitive, irritated skins. With Neroli a few drops go a long way! Neroli is a soothing oil, renowned for slowing and calming the mind. It can be effective in the treatment of hysteria, anxiety and depressions.


rebounder workout plans


ROSE ABSOLUTE (flowers) rosa damascena


I am a great fan of anything rosy! Pure Essential oil of Rose releases a beautiful, elegant fragrance. ROSE IS AN EXQUISITE OIL - a special perfume!  Rose is great for the nerves, reducing stress, creating a prayerful, meditative and spiritual state of mind! Rose is highly beneficial in inducing a joyful, positive, and balanced emotional outlook. Not to forget that Rose Essential Oil is highly beneficial when used in cosmetic treatments, and is brilliant for rebalancing dry, inflamed, or mature skin.


rebounder workout plans


PATCHOULI (herb) pogostemon cablin


Patchouli is another essential oil that I miss when it's not around! It is most beneficial for balancing moods and emotions. While larger doses relax and sedate, smaller does uplift and inspire.


My daughter calls this my 'hippy oil'! Patchouli diffuses an earthy, mystical, sensual fragrance. It is a balancing oil, and is helpful in skincare, particularly for the mature skin.


On a purely therapeutic level Patchouli is renowned for helping obesity, fluid retention, anxiety, depression, nervous exhaustion, and most commonly as an aphrodisiac.


On a healing level it can be helpful for cracked skin, weeping sores, and reducing inflammation. Patchouli makes for a great pampering oil to add to a warm bath.


rebounder workout plans


PEPPERMINT (herb) mentha piperi


Peppermint, as most of us associate the scent, is zesty, refreshing, and invigorating. It is also soothing, which makes it a great essential oil in the treatments of muscle fatigue, and swollen, tired feet!


Peppermint is known to be useful for nervous complaints, travel sickness, menstrual irregularities, colds, flu, and most importantly - in rapid recovery from headaches.


Peppermint is also renowned for being helpful for indigestion, intestinal parasites, and liver problems. In strong doses it can prevent sleep, so it is better used not just before bedtime.


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Use mini trampoline rebounder with Starbound minitrampoline exercise DVDs and rebounding exercise resolution plans in Starbound books for total health and beauty




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