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It is always  important to check that all spare parts are fully available for your mini trampoline before you go ahead and pay. Too many people have come to me over the years with one broken spring they cant replace - the money is wasted.

If you want anything displayed in my shop for delivery to a country other than your own please email me with your address. I will get an accurate price to you and provide a link where you can order!




Choosing  mini trampoline rebounders for home exercise

I suggest you read about the importance of choosing a quality mini trampoline rebounder for your rebounding exercises.

Many people are disappointed when purchasing cheap rebounders only to find the rebounder springs break quickly, the mat tears, and the quality of the bounce is uncomfortable.Mini trampoline rebounder design elements

The finest mini trampoline rebounder design elements are successfully embodied in Starbounds selected mini trampoline rebounders, to ensure you have a quality experience as you develop rebounder exercise workouts - a refined quality of rebounding exercise - safe rebounding workouts.

Having worked with mini trampoline rebounders now for thirty years professionally, I am very fussy as to which rebounders I will suggest.

Starbound provides the best quality rebounders in the world with rebounder mini trampoline packages at special offer price to include The Starbound Workout rebounder exercise mini trampoline DVD, and the Starbound book - a perfect combination package get rebounding at home.

The worlds best Quality Mini trampoline rebounder range

Of the rebounders in my mini trampoline rebounder range you have choice of mini trampoline rebounders with folding legs or rebounders with legs that screw on.The Needak soft bounce folding rebounder in the USA and the Med Plus mini trampoline and the Pro Plus mini trampoline rebounders in the UK, are most popular, with spring loaded folding legs.
Starbounds mini trampoline rebounders are available as standalone items or packaged with my Starbound book of rebounding exercise workouts and lifestyle plans, and my Starbound Workout mini trampoline rebounder exercise DVD videos


Rebounding on a Quality Mini trampoline Nourishes and Protects Your Whole Body eliminating unnecessary stress impact on your joints


When exercising on a floor or jogging on a pavement your spine can absorb up to five times the normal force of walking. As you land, vertical shock waves can spread from the ankles to your bones and spine. Shock waves can travel from the top of the spine and deflect off the skull, setting up additional standing waves.Impact shocks cause energy stored in your muscles to 'fly' to the protection of your feet, knees, ankles, hips and back.


Joggers often suffer micro-trauma injuries to knees, heels and ankles.


When impact shock is transmitted, via the hips to each vertebrae and disc to the skull, the discs act as shock absorbers.


However they can only reduce the shock at each level. From my experience in coaching rebounding workouts I  see that rebounding on a  poorly designed rebounder can load tension back into the body rather than removing it.It is important to use a quality rebounder for mini trampoline workouts and to establish mini trampoline workout skills that ensure you are performing all rebounding workouts with perfect posture and rebounding exercise technique.


However well documented the benefits of rebounding exercises may be in eliminating stress impact on joints, it is essential to plan your rebounding exercise workouts to include the elements of a well-balanced functional workout planJust rebounding alone can never provide the essential elements of a balanced health and fitness programme.With a Starbound approach to 5 Star Fitnessyou reap benefits as you bounce 


In Starbound mini trampoline workouts, whether performing high intensity rebounding or very gentle rebound exercise, when you land on the mini trampoline mat the first portion of your weight deforms the mat surface

With your body not stopping abruptly at the bottom of the move, it continues going down several milliseconds.

  • The stress impact, trauma, and tension that would normally be loaded into your body with the same exercise performed on the floor, or jogging, is spread - being absorbed by the springs into the elastic mat, along with the abruptness which is applied to your ligaments and joints.

  • When exercising on mini trampoline equipment, more than with any other exercise equipment, your whole body is subjected vertically to the pull of gravity as you depress the mat

At the same time you are able to use your mini trampoline to support the essential fitness components of mobility, conditioning, and deep stretch, within you weekly mini trampoline rebounding exercise workouts


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The first fully developed lifestyle, holistic fitness and well-being mini trampoline rebounder exercise workout

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How mini trampoline rebounding exercise has evolved quickly to provide perfect exercise for fitness and health options.