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What to consider when choosing mini trampoline rebounders for rebounding workouts. Your body responds positively on best quality mini trampoline rebounders

When choosing exercise mini trampolines check quality of mat fabric, springs and parts for quality rebounders

We provide the worlds best quality mini trampolines, best quality trimilin rebounders. Quality trimilin mini trampolines Original trimilin rainbow RH48 Pro rebounders and R36 Med lymphaciser  rebounders medical rebounders. Quality trimilin rebounders are now in New Zealand and Australia. The best quality rebounders  for Starbound mini trampoline workouts in Starbound books and rebounding exercise DVDS

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Starbound Workout mini trampoline rebounder exercise DVDs and books provide a complete package for rebounder workouts at home.

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Starbound Workout mini trampoline rebounder exercise DVDs and books provide a complete package for rebounder workouts at home.


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Quality Original NMZ lymphaciser rebounders, also known as RH48 and R36 Rainbow rebounders provide a stable and speedy bounce in tune with the lymphatic system.


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STARBOUND'S Mini trampoline rebounding exercise workouts are based on patterns of skills combined together. You practise and perfect skills before moving on to more complex rebounding techniques.




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Choosing mini trampoline rebounders wisely will help  to reap the benefits of mini trampoline exercise workouts in my Starbound video and books

Mini trampolines - also known as rebounders, bouncers, trampettes, and lymphacisers - are mostly circular or hexagonal in shape.

Tradditionally manufactured with steel springs in the past few years a variety of bungee cord rebounders have become popular.

Rebounders vary in diameter, and quality. Most mini trampolines look the same when you glance at them in a photo or shop front. Think carefully about the importance of choosing a quality mini trampolines for your rebounding exercises.


With quality mini trampolines and Starbound rebounding exercise wokrout techniques in my mini trampoline videos avaiolable on DVD and in my book of mini trampoliens workouts - all you need to get started with rebounding at home in


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Mini trampoline rebounders should be therapeutic and fitness friendly

  Many people are disappointed, having purchased cheap rebounders only to find the rebounder springs break quickly, the mat tears, and the quality of the bounce is uncomfortable.

What's more they find they can not replace the mini trampoline parts and realise they have wasted money. What's more they havent enjoyed their mini trampoline workouts - it can be like jumping on a board!

Good quality mini trampolines should last a lifetime, work with your body weight providing comfortable rebounding exercise workouts.

You will need to replace rebounder springs and mats, and you may need to replace other parts of a good quality rebounder. What matters is that you purchase rebounders where the spare parts are fully available.

A surge of mass-produced, low cost quality mini trampolines began to flood the market in the early eighties.


Many of these rebounders have design elements that remain unchanged; springs are tight and unyielding, and mats that rip at the edge after a short time. Most mass produced mini trampolines are manufactured on large conveyor plants in China and the Far East.


Many manufacturers are looking for the cheapest component parts such as springs, and low grade mat fabric, including the cotton that is used to stitch the mini trampolines mat. In no time at all these parts fail, and the rebounders often begin to bottom out!


The difference between cheaper mass produced mini trampolines and quality rebounders lies largely in the mini trampoline rebounder component parts, along with how the rebounder's design elements are constructed when the mini trampoline is manufactured!


 A rebounder with quality springs will often give you more specific rebounder mat stability for rebounding aerobics and sports specific rebounding. The mat will give to a large degree with your body weight as you depress the bounce at the bottom - without jarring your joints.


Rebounders are available with screw on or folding legs. Mini trampoline leg caps, need to be solid and stable to maintain a stable surface tension on your rebounder as you are performing Starbound rebounding exercise workouts.


Good quality rebounder leg caps also protect your floors and carpeted surfaces.


Having worked with mini trampoline exercise rebounders in developing Starbound programmes around the world for over thirty years, I have tested many mini trampolines.


While price is not always an exact indication of quality, it does apply, to a large extent.

Ideally you need 40"(102cm) mini trampoline rebounders to move comfortably and safely when performing rebounding exercises.


Rebounding workouts neeed to be comfortable for the whole family - children love rebounding exercises on mini trampolines and need a soft bounce with their growing bones

The mini trampoline springs and mats, both attached to mini trampoline rebounder frames, need to yield completely with body weight at the bottom of the bounce.

They also need to maintain a stable surface tension to ensure you are rebounding safely and comfortably, performing techniques and skills with speed and agility.

The design of a rebounder is critical if it is going to work correctly, absorbing your body weight, yet maintaining a stability as your feet strike the mini trampoline mat


The top quality lymphaciser rebounders were created so that the kinetic energy generated through rebounding exercise would be maximised for health, fitness and healing


You need to be aware of these aspects before you spend money on a rebounder, which may look the part but doesn't work.

  • The way the springs are connected

  • The angle and alignment of the springs,

  • tension of the mat

  • the cushioning,

  • the responsiveness, the energy dynamics of design - all work in concert to make a rebounder that works. You can dramatically see this when you bounce on mini trampolines, side by side.

  • Kinesiologists employ a popular method of testing the resistive strength of muscles -  cheap rebounders often muscle test 'weak' indicating they will drain the vital life energy, making you feel wiped out when used and will give you discomfort, backache, headache, and pain.


Mass produced rebounders have no bearings for the springs, coupled with weak, short- life springs. Many of these cheaper mini trampolines do not have a high quality polypropylene woven mat. (Permatron)  Inferior built units can have one or a combination of the following




  • Chrome plated SMALL steel springs with less temper and elasticity

  • Poorly constructed screw off legs and cheap fittings which loosen and wear

  • No seat belt webbing to link mat and springs

  • Springs that are linked directly into the frame resulting in wear & uneven mat tension,

  • Limited guarantees if any, often

  • not offering spare parts

  • Low grade materials right through from the mat to the cotton that stitches it all together and low quality metal frame steel

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A Brilliant Bounce!


Mini trampoline rebounder springs are very important when it comes to manufacturing quality mini trampolines for a healthy rebounding workout.


Flat straight rebounder springs, most commonly used on mass-produced mini trampoline rebounder equipment, contain hooks that bend back on themselves and are most prone to distortion and fracture.


On some mini trampolines, the rebounder springs may last for as little as six weeks. They are often not replaced by the distributor. If this occurs you may find yourself having to purchase another rebounder.


The Rebounders springs need to be strong, yet yielding, ideally coiled with 'tapered' ends to provide a yielding rebounding workout, extensive durability and longevity of the mini trampoline.


The size and number of the rebounders springs will influence the tension of the bounce when you are rebounding, but this provides no indication of the springs yielding quality.


Only use rebounders with quality springs or you will jar the joints.


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Choosing between mini trampolines

with screw on legs and folding legs


Mini trampoline rebounders can be purchased with folding legs or with legs that screw on.


If your mini trampoline is close at hand, in a room of the house you truly enjoy being in, and if your rebounder is immediately accessible you will definitely participate in your rebounding workouts more frequently.


So something as simple as a folding leg designed mini trampoline can make the rebounders much easier to put up to use quickly and also move around the house from room to room with ease.

  • It is a matter of personal preference as to which rebounders leg style best suits you

  • Both mini trampoline rebounder leg designs are stable and safe, as long as you check the rebounders legs are tight and secure at the beginning of each session.

  • In a small room, spring-loaded folding legs on rebounders do make your mini trampoline more accessible.


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Regular lymphasizing increases the flow of lymphatic fluid throughout the body, feeding the cells and producing energy to balance the kinetic energy in the muscles, to make you feel re-vitalised and re-energised.

If, however, your rebounder is not sprung correctly, this will produce subtle jarring, causing stress on the ankles, knees, hips and spine; trapped plasma proteins will be created throughout the body faster than the lymphatic system can remove them. Cheap rebounders don't work for this reason.

  • The Anti-Static RH48 Lymphaciser has been ergonomically evolved to ensure only beneficial results are achieved. It really works!

  • We deliver ther NZ lymphaciser rebounder anywhere inthe world. They are very popular in the USA with Starbound Workout packages.

  • Don't compromise your health and fitness whatever the price of cheap alternatives.

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Use Quality mini trampoline REBOUNDER equipment to revitalize Kinetic Energy!


Kinetic energy builds up in your muscles, when you perform rebounding exercises. Your muscles, in turn, deliver this energy to your organs and cells which function more efficiently, revitalizing your energy.


  • For mini trampoline rebounding workouts to be highly effective, the build-up of kinetic energy and the activity generating it must be smooth with no jarring.

  • When jarring occurs with any form of exercise, kinetic energy stored in the muscles will fly to protect your joints, bypassing vital organs.   

  • Regrettably this is what happens using poorly constructed, tight mini trampoline rebounders.

  • If the mini trampoline  mat yields only a short way, deceleration into the mat becomes too rapid when you are rebounding and your body is stopped more abruptly at the bottom of the mini trampoline bounce.

Rather than releasing muscular tension in blocked tissue, the opposite can occur when you are rebounding, with tension rising into the body blocking circulation further.


The mini trampoline springs and rebounders mat must yield completely with your full body weight at the bottom of the bounce when you are rebounding, yet maintain a stable surface tension for balance


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Poor Quality mini trampoline Rebounders do not release tension when you are rebounding


I have tested mini trampoline rebounders of all price points that would not meet my personal approval. If the rebounders springs are too tight, and the mini trampoline mat fabric not resilient, rebounding exercises can load tension into your body.

  • If that happens, whatever part of your body is weakest, tense, or suffering blocked energy and fluid, will respond by 'feeling' that tension or blockage when you are rebounding.

  • Tension might surface in the knees when you are rebounding; but rebounding on a tight poorly spring mini trampoline can also create tension on your lower back, head, ankles, shoulders or abdominal region.

  • This would defeat the purpose of your Starbound programmes. Rebounding workouts need to be performed on quality mini trampoline rebounders for the benefits of rebounding to be experienced fully.

On the other hand even on some of the more expensive rebounder mini trampolines in the marketplace, I've noticed the rebounders springs are too long, and the bounce become too deep when you are rebounding. This can make it difficult to confidently maintain balance rebounding on the mini trampoline, while developing a variety of rebounding aerobic workout skills.


This is in particular evident with many of the new coiled rebounder systems. They may provide a wonderful quality bounce, but they are not suitable for performing an energetic rebounding aerobic workout.


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Learn about the RH48 Lymphaicser rebounder  - best quality mini trampoline on the planet!

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The New Zealand RH48 Original lymphacizer rebounders  provide optimum quality and value for price. The unique design of the lymphaciser rebounders including the mat and spring configuration was a patented design. Superb quality and workmanship.


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