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Rebounding exercises on quality rebounders generates sheer muscle power. Mini trampoline exercise workouts increase energy and wellbeing - lifting your spirit!


Energy is created with mini trampoline exercises on quality mini trampoline rebounders increasing your fitness and vitality

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Starbound Workout mini trampoline rebounder exercise DVDs and books provide a complete package for rebounder workouts at home.


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Rebounding exercises on quality mini trampolines raise your energy and reduce static electricity in the body


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Use rebounder exercise workout plans in my Starbound book with Starbound Workout DVDs to reach you goals



The Starbound Book of Mini trampoline exercises and lifestyle plans is an international best seller The Starbound Workout rebounding exercise DVD and video volumes provide rebounding exercise for  beginners to advanced, within 3 rebounding workouts  The Star of David design of the New Zealand lymphaciser rebounders offers impeccable rebounding exercises for top quality mini trampoline workoutsStarbound best quality rebounder mini trampolines for mini trampoline workouts  rebounding exercise for UK trimilin rebounders NZ and Australian trimilin rainbow REH48 lymphaciser rebounder USA Needak rebounders   Starbound Workout DVD and video workouts for mini trampolines are filmed on the Dead Sea in Jordan to bring a holistic Spirit to your workout at home

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minitrampoline REBOUNDING EXERCISE workouts encourage RADIANT ENERGY


Michele Wilburn author of Starbound rebounding exercises in book and video

Rebounding workouts on mini trampolines revive your spirits, refresh your mind, and recharge your energy! Life is loaded with energy although it remains a mystery. Light is invisible unless it hits a solid mass and is reflected back to your eyes.


Constant energy pours out of each of us, channelled through our senses, speech, movement, and especially our thought. Whatever it is labelled, energy is the force that charges us with life, providing personal connection between mind, body, spirit and emotions.






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Purchase NZ RH48 Original Rainbow lymphaciser rebounders -  best quality mini trampoline rebounders in Australia and New Zealand with Starbound mini trampoline workout books and videos

Rebounder Exercise workouts Revitalize Your Energy recharging well being

Starbounds mini trampoline  rebounding exercise DVDS and rebounding book provide a complete series of workouts for home exercise on mini trampolines


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Rebounding exercises on quality mini trampolines raise your energy and reduce static electricity in the body


Every living being, whether plant, animal or human, has a measurable living energy field around them.


When this energy can move through the whole body, including bones, skin, muscles, fluids and organs, in the right relationship, it will create charisma and radiate light.


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rebounding exercises on quality rebounders recharge your energy


If your supplies become run down your body will soon let you know. When depleted of energy all body systems run below par. Your sodium potassium pumps involve the rotation of sodium ions in and around every cell in your body, generating an electrical field, which surrounds each cell wall.


An intricate balance of potassium and sodium in and around your cells keeps generation of electrical energy constant.


To illustrate the subtle chain of communication that takes place let's look at what happens when you move your biceps in your upper arm when you are rebounding.  


Inelastic tendons attach your biceps to both your shoulder blade and your forearm, with a mass of muscle cells forming your bicep tissue sitting between the tendons.



As the instruction to move your biceps is sent from your brain the message is transmitted to special endings on your muscle, not actually in contact with the muscle itself. The message is then taxied over a small bridge between your nerve and muscle by the chemical acetylcholine.



When the taxi arrives at the muscle it fits like a glove, initiating an electrical impulse, which causes your muscle to contract, bringing your forearm up. 



This process occurs every time you move any part of your body. Millions of muscle fibres and chemical molecules work with nerve fibres through transmissions of electrical impulses.


As they work muscles give off waste products, among them carbon dioxide and lactic acid. If cells become swamped due to clustered plasma proteins, toxins and waste products, the surrounding electrical activity is dimmed, creating short circuits in your energy flow.


The quality of mini trampolineS you use determines how your body responds TO rebounding WORKOUTS FOR ENERGY


Use Starbound mini trampoline video exercises to prepare your body to perform rebounding exercises effectively

When rebounding on mini trampoline rebounders your energy is truly tapped. Your mind is calmed, refreshed and rebalanced. The positive rhythmical vibration, experienced as you bounce reaches the core of your being, building on the kinetic energy in your cells, organs and tissues. On well-designed rebounders you benefit enormously from this build up of kinetic energy, moving through all body systems and fluids - revitalizing your whole being.


  • When rebounding on mini trampolines you create subtle waves of energy rhythmically throughout your whole body.

  • Muscles are stimulated into action. Joints are oiled by circulating fluid. Bones are strengthened in their resistance to gravity

  • Fluid and energy are eased forward in the course of their flow with rebounding e4xercise workouts

  • Muscular tensions you are holding in the body gently melt away with rebounding workouts

  • When rebounding on quality rebounders your breath deepens - Your spirit is recharged!

  • To be highly effective, kinetic energy build-up and the activity generating it must be smooth with no jarring.

  • If jarring occurs energy stored in the muscles will fly to protect the joints, by-passing vital organs.




Regrettably this happens during mini trampoline workouts using poorly constructed, tight  rebounders or rebounders that are not well sprung.

If the rebounder mat yields only a short way, with poor springs the deceleration into the mat becomes too rapid your body may stop abruptly at the bottom of the bounce.

In this case during rebounding workouts rather than releasing muscular tension in blocked tissue, the opposite can occur, with tension rising into the body, blocking circulation further.

The rebounder springs and mini trampoline mat must yield completely with your full body weight at the bottom of the bounce; yet maintain a stable surface tension for balance and performance of a variety of skills during rebounding exercise workouts


Problems occur duering rebounding exercise workouts if your muscles become tense or blocked, bunching up and pressing on surrounding blood and lymph vessels.


If they become trapped in their own wastes, making delivery of oxygen and nutrients an impossible task, the delicate transmissions of electrical impulses and muscle fibre response, is severely impeded. IN this case rebounding workouts will cause more harm than good

Imbalance in the tone of your muscles shifts the balance of your health. Use a quality rebounder for Starbound mini trampoline rebounder workouts DVD and Starbound book and you really feel the energy shift immediately.

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