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The G Force - force of Gravity with rebounding exercise combines with the forces of acceleration and deceleration to advantage for fitness training using mini trampolines


Forces of gravity are tapped to major advantage with rebounding exercise on mini trampolines for best workouts

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Rebounding exercises on quality mini trampolines raise your energy and reduce static electricity in the body


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Starbound provides the best mini trampoline rebounding exercise plans for transformation

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Mini Trampoline Rebounder Exercise

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Many forces are released with rebounding exercise workouts using mini trampolines to improve energy and wellbeing

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When exercising on mini trampolines, also known as rebounders, you overcome the  inertia that normally weighs you down exercising at home. Gravity is the key! When rebounding on a mini trampoline the pull of the G-Force is measured at the lowest point of the mat, as you are about to rebound from the jump. 


On a large garden trampoline it is likely you would increase the G-Force up to about 8 g's.


On a small mini-trampoline, the increase in G-force as you are rebounding is likely to be between 2 to 3 G's, depending on your weight, and the intensity of your bounce. This lesser G-Force, with a tauter rebounder mat surface tension provides the most efficient level for stimulating effective training.




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Starbounds mini trampoline  rebounding exercise DVDS and rebounding book provide a complete series of workouts for home exercise on mini trampolines


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How do Rebounding WORKOUTS on mini trampolines tap the G force for fitness?

Even gentle rebounding on mini trampolines taps the forces of gravity to maximum advantage, with getle vibtational forces activating your body and systems strenthening cellsEverybody on earth lives in its constant gravitational pull. From birth, all physical development depends on the fact that we must oppose the force of gravity to develop strength.


Since Isaac Newton was compelled by a falling apple to investigate the forces of gravity, a few more solid deductions have been made about this powerful universal force.






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Rebounding on Mini trampolines loads Extra G-Force into your body, which Strengthens Cells


Our relationship with gravity continually influences our growth and movement. By challenging the force of gravity as a baby - at first lifting your head, then sitting, standing, bouncing, crawling, walking, running, jumping and moving against gravity in a number of ways, your body becomes stronger.

Three forces affect your whole body with mini trampoline rebounder exercise workouts. The forces of gravity, acceleration and deceleration are lined up to impose a rhythmical vibration on all cells.


Your body recognizes these forces as one combined force.


Gravity, one of the four fundamental forces of the universe, continually influences your posture and health.


Poor relationships with gravity are responsible for many cases of spinal compression, impaired circulation, disc degeneration and a diminished functioning of glands, tissues and cells.


When exploring outer space, astronauts are faced with the effects of zero gravity, weakening tissues and bones, due to lack of stress on body cells.



NASA carried out the first ever research into using a mini trampoline, to conclude that rebounding exercises provide a more effective and efficient form of exercise than jogging


The measure of the force of gravity affecting your body at rest is 1G. Speedy motion in the horizontal plane or a change of direction in a vertical plane increases the G-force acting on the body.


Rebounding on a mini trampoline enables you to make the most of the additional G-Force values, combining the additional forces of acceleration and deceleration in the vertical plane, without shock or stress impact loading on your body.


At the top of each bounce  when rebounding on  mini trampolines


The force of gravity, known as the G-force, is non-existent at the top of the bounce when you are rebounding on mini trampolines Your body momentarily experiences total weightlessness, like an astronaut in space - even when you are gently pulsing.


When you depress the mini trampoline mat rebounding down into maT


The pull of the G-force is increased 2/3 times that which you usually experience. This rhythmical motion, when rebounding approximately 100 times per minute, places all cells, from the tiniest cell to the largest bone, under consistent rhythmical pressure, stimulating remarkable effects - detoxifying, nourishing, and strengthening all body cells simultaneously. 


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Rebounding exercise leaves you lighter in spirit - fresher in mind - stronger in body!


Numerous testimonies I receive from around the world confirm my enthusiasm. People constantly express surprise that when they are including rebound exercise in their daily schedules they feel so much stronger, for so little effort.


People find exercising on rebounders is kind to joints, challenging yet relaxing for their minds, and calming yet uplifting for their spirits.


Rebounding on a mini trampoline helps you harness the G-force to build healthy cells!


" For similar levels of heart rate and oxygen consumption, the magnitude of the biomechanical stimuli is greater with jumping on a trampoline than with running, a finding that might help identify acceleration parameters needed for the design of remedial procedures to avert de-conditioning in persons exposed to weightlessness,"


NASA Journal of Applied Physiology 49(5)



Furthermore, research revealed that rebounding on a mini-trampoline offers the perfect G-Force measurements for training. Just ten minutes of bouncing on a rebounder is equivalent, in effect, to 30 minutes of jogging.


Rebounding Exercise Distributes the G Force Equally throughout your Whole Body


In addition, G-Force measured at your ankles, back and forehead is almost equally distributed when rebounding, compared to floor exercise or jogging, where your ankle joints take nearly twice the impact of your lower back or forehead.

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