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Watch rebounding exercise workouts in my DVD before getting started with your mini trampoline video workouts at home.

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Starbound provides the best mini trampoline rebounding exercise videos and dvdS

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Mini Trampoline Rebounder Exercise WORKOUTS ONLINE, DVD AND VIDEOS

Michele Wilburn author producer  personalt rainer and transformation coach. Starbound provides the worlds best mini trampoline rebounding exercise workouts books and videos



"Undisputed Queen of the Mini Trampoline" 

 ~ Daily Telegraph UK



Check you posture when performing rebounding workouts using mini trampolines. Never lock your knees with rebounding workouts

The Starbound Book of Mini trampoline exercises and lifestyle plans is an international best seller The Starbound Workout rebounding exercise DVD and video volumes provide rebounding exercise for  beginners to advanced, within 3 rebounding workouts The Star of David design of the New Zealand lymphaciser rebounders offers impeccable rebounding exercises for top quality mini trampoline workoutsStarbound best quality rebounder mini trampolines for mini trampoline workouts  rebounding exercise for UK trimilin rebounders NZ and Australian trimilin rainbow REH48 lymphaciser rebounder USA Needak rebounders    Starbound Workout DVD and video workouts for mini trampolines are filmed on the Dead Sea in Jordan to bring a holistic Spirit to your workout at home

The worlds best quality mini trampolines, lymphaciser rebounders, Original rainbow RH48 Pro rebounders and R36 Med rebounders New Zealand, Australia, USA and UK and mini trampoline workouts in Starbound books and rebounding exercise videos, DVDS, mini trampoline rebounding exercise coaching and courses



Best quality trimilin mini trampoline rebounders for Starbound rebounding exercise video workouts are now available with quality trimilin rebounders in new zealand and australia - the best rebounders in the UK and Europe



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Starbound Workout mini trampoline rebounder DVD workouts are shot in the glorious Movenpick resort nd Sactuary Zara Spa



The Starbound Workout Mini trampoline rebounding exercise DVD's - available within Four Volumes in Pal format and Volume One for USA

Numerous mini trampoline rebounder exercise workouts on DVD



Available in Pal and NTSC  format2 Hours of mini trampoline rebounding workouts

with sequential rebounder exercise skill directories.Produced and presented by Michele Wilburn Starbound Enterprise


Volume One DVD: The Starbound Workout '5 Star Fitness'


Starbound Workout  mini trampoline REBOUNDING DVD videos are now available in NTSC format suitable for USA, Canada and many other countries. If you are not sure which format you require for your country, please click here.


Prices of Starbound books FOR REBOUNDING EXERCISES and The Starbound Workout mini trampoline rebounding video vary on each individual purchase page, from the links below, to include international delivery to your country.


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If you have any queries about your mini trampoline workouts or choosing the best rebounder for your workouts please email any time.

Numerous mini trampoline rebounder exercise workouts on DVD

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Michele Wilburn author producer  personalt rainer and transformation coach. Starbound provides the worlds best mini trampoline rebounding exercise workouts books and videos



When using  my Starbound Workout rebounding exercise workout videos in my 5 Star Fitness rebounding exercise DVD with mini trampoline rebounders, itís important to become familiar with content, layout, and my method of instruction. Before commencing your rebounding exercise workouts using mini trampoline rebounders at home please watch through the DVD prior to rebounding workouts.





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Getting started with mini trampoline rebounding exercise workout videos

Starbounds mini trampoline  rebounding exercise DVDS and rebounding book provide a complete series of workouts for home exercise on mini trampolines

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Best seller Starbound Workout mini trampoline rebounder exercise workout DVDs and book packages

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Learning Rebounding exercise workout Skills

As you get started with mini trampoline exercises, the following safety tips should encourage more comfortable rebound aerobics sessions


Getting started with Starbound rebounding exercise workout videos for beginners workouts using mini trampolines

When performing rebounding exercise workouts on mini trampolines we go in and develop aerobic fitness, along with numerous rebounding skills.


Itís natural to feel confused learning new rebounder exercise patterns when rebounding on a mini trampoline.


Many rebounding exercise skills, involving balance, co-ordination, agility, reaction time, and general fitness, are challenged.


Many people assume that because rebounding exercise on a mini trampoline doesnít cause them to drip with sweat, or grasp for oxygen, that they canít be benefiting from the activity. This is a popular misconception. The fact is that your body is performing more work, for less effort, while achieving maximum training effects.


starboundbook of rebounding exercise lifestyle and wellness plans for health fitness and beauty


Remind yourself to keep hands on your hips until you feel familiar with rebounder exercise workout routines, and stay really relaxed with your feet. Arm combinations will naturally fall into place as your rebounding skills improve.If you become confused, pulse gently and join in again when youíre ready.




THE TALK TEST using mini trampolines


Learn to assess the correct amount of effort to put into Rebounding Exercise workouts when using your mini trampoline rebounder. The talk test provides a simple method for assessing the amount of effort you should be putting into your mini trampoline rebounding exercise workout sessions, for aerobic training. Youíll find in-depth information in Starbound my Book regarding this subject. However a very simple way to check suitable levels of exertion for your age is to use the 'talk test'.


Always lifet your feet from the mini trampoline mat as you are turning about the rebounder during video and DVD workouts on mini trampoline


Count patterns aloud during mini trampoline

rebounding exercise workouts

  • Youíll find many rebounding exercise patterns that I am demonstrating in the Starbound Workout rebounder exercise  DVD video fall into sets of 8 repeats; count aloud as you perform the routine on your rebounder

  • You should need a little extra effort to maintain your voice when you are rebounding on your mini trampoline rebounder, yet comfortably sustain the movement

  • As your rebounding workout sessions progress itís natural to feel warm, even slightly sweaty, but never breathless or out of control. Really listen to your body; If it gets too much donít stop, drop the intensity and pulse gently






Throughout the Starbound Workout DVD video we move about the mini trampoline mat in a variety of ways


As an easy point of reference you can mirror my moves on screen WHEN YOU ARE USING YOUR MINI TRAMPOLINE REBOUNDER WITH MY DVD workouts. At first always face the TV screen, when you are rebounding with the DVD video - even if rebounder exercise turns are included in my instruction. For easy viewing of the TV screen, perform only small diagonal turns to begin, so you keep good balance on the mini trampoline.


Only progress to wider turns about the rebounder mini trampoline mat, when you no longer need a constant eye on the screen.


Turning about the mini trampoline mat requires steady balance. Always jump your turns when you are performing rebounder exercise workouts,, lifting feet slightly from the mini trampoline rebounder mat, to avoid placing stress on your knees

  • As you turn about the mini trampoline rebounder mat imagine your shoulder as a directional guide

  • To turn right as you are working out on the rebounder, for example, visualize your right shoulder leading, and let your feet follow through

  • If you are overweight, unsteady on your feet, or very unfit, avoid performing any rebounding exercise workout techniques that require you to land or balance on one foot. Develop rebounding exercise workout skills slowly as your balance improves.



When working out with the rebounder always keep a check or correct posture


Turned on edge a 40Ē (102cm) mini trampoline rebounder provides an ideal ballet barre to support posture and alignment for conditioning and stretching sequences during your rebounding exercise workouts


To lift and lower the rebounder duing rebounding exercise workouts

  •  Stand close to the rim of the mini trampoline

  • Check your posture, with feet about hip width, perfectly parallel, toes aligned in front

  • Tighten the abs to support the torso

  • Check the buttocks move back behind your heels, and that knees stay behind your toes as you bend. As you lift and lower the rebounder, keep your arms close to the torso. Transfer the weight of the rebounder into your thighs as you move with the frame

To move between sitting and standing during your mini trampoline rebounder workouts

  •  Always check your posture; make sure that legs are hip width, and toes aligned. Tighten the abs to support the torso. As you stand up,  transfer your weight into your thighs, from the hands on the rim at your side, to support the torso.

  •  When sitting down keep arms close to your sides transferring your weight from your thighs into the hands on the rim.



when rebounding on mini trampoline rebounders


Throughout the Starbound Workout we move about the mini trampoline mat in a variety of ways. The following points will help you take care of your posture.


Raising and lowering your torso during mini trampoline rebounder rebounding workouts and mini trampoline aerobics routines

  • Check knees are aligned over the ankles and back behind the toes.

  • Stand with legs about hip width, toes in line, feet parallel.

  • Always lengthen the spine,

  • Tighten your abs to support your back, lengthen the ribcage,

  • Leaning forward always move buttocks behind your heels



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