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Stretch and relax with Starbound mini trampoline rebounder workout videos after your rebounding workouts

The worlds best quality mini trampolines, lymphaciser rebounders, Original rainbow RH48 Pro rebounders and R36 Med rebounders New Zealand, Australia, USA and UK and mini trampoline workouts in Starbound books and rebounding exercise videos, DVDS, mini trampoline rebounding exercise coaching and courses

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The Starbound Workout

Mini trampoline workouts online,  DVD and videos


Starbound Workout mini trampoline rebounder exercise DVDs and books provide a complete package for rebounder workouts at home.


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Rebounding exercises are presented in the Starbound book of mini trampoline workouts within a well balanced rebounding exercise and lifestyle programme


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The Starbound Workout rebounding exercise mini trampoline DVD volumes are filmed at the glorious Movenpick Resor and Sanctury Zara Spa in Jordan - a lovely ambience for your rebounding workouts at home.



Top quality  rebounders also known as rainbow lymphaciser rebounders - the TH48 pro PLus and the R36 med Plus rainbow lymphacisers provide a stable surface tension for mini trampoline workouts


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range of mini trampolines, quality rebounders for mini trampoline exercise with Starbounds mini trampoline video and rebounding exercise books-Fantastic prices on  mini trampoline rebounders with Starbound rebounding videos and mini trampoline books  of rebounding exercises. Delivery direct from manufacturers in USA for Needak folding rebounders, New Zealand Lymphaciser rebounders NZ, RH48 Body Energiser rebounders in Australia, trimilin mini trampolines for UK reboundersThe Starbound Workout mnii trampoline rebounding exercise DVD and video volumes provide rebounding exercise for  beginners to advanced, within 3 rebounding workoutsThe Star of David design of the New Zealand lymphaciser rebounders offers impeccable rebounding exercises for top quality mini trampoline workoutsStarbound best quality rebounder mini trampolines for mini trampoline workouts  rebounding exercise for UK trimilin rebounders NZ and Australian trimilin rainbow RH48 lymphaciser rebounder USA  reboundersStarbound Workout DVD and video workouts for mini trampolines are filmed on the Dead Sea in Jordan to bring a holistic Spirit to your workout at home

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Starbound provides the best mini trampoline rebounding exercise videos and dvdS

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Mini Trampoline Rebounder Exercise WORKOUTS ONLINE, DVD AND VIDEOS

Michele Wilburn author producer  personalt rainer and transformation coach. Starbound provides the worlds best mini trampoline rebounding exercise workouts books and videos



"Undisputed Queen of the Mini Trampoline" 

 ~ Daily Telegraph UK


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Mini trampoline exercise wo9rkouts are used in a variety of programmes, and techniques should be integrated into sessions for relaxation, deep stretch, meditation and relaxation

PURE SPIRIT Mini trampoline exercise workout videos and DVD for deep stretch and relaxation

In my mini trampoline rebounder exercise DVD The Starbound Workout '5 STAR FITNESS' you use mini-trampolines, also known as rebounders for performing a variety of rebounder workout exercises within 5 zones.


Mini trampoline rebounding exercise workouts for deep stretch and relaxation exercises - gentle mini trampoline rebounder exercise workouts, are performed on and around mini trampoline rebounders. They are an essential part of a well rounded fitness workouts using mini trampolines.





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The Starbound mini trampoline rebounder Workouts  provides the worlds complete system of mini trampoline exercise- with a system of skioll based directories to heolp yopu progress from beginners rebounder exercise to advanced workouts.

Video Inspirations Video & DVD menu DVD content Zone 1 Foundations Zone 2 Warm Up Zone 3 Rebounding workouts Zone 4 Sculpting Zone 5 Pure Spirit


Starbound Workout mini trampoline videos are compiled online and DVD Volume One from 4 mini trampoline videos into two hours of rebounding exercise workouts from beginners to advanced rebounding exercise workouts on DVD




Best seller Starbound Workout mini trampoline rebounder exercise workout DVDs and book packages for rebounding

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(9 minutes)


Stretching deeply during mini trampoline rebounding exercise workouts provides numerous benefits. Itís important to include deep stretching routines within mini trampoline rebounder exercise workouts.


Always cool down and stretch at the end of your rebounding exercise workouts when using mini trampoline rebounders and alternatively, throughout the workout, during sculpting and at the end of body conditioning sequences.


Practise deep stretch on mini trampolines following rebounding exercise and sculpting workouts or at any time provided your body is warm and limber. Stretch to ease your body through your full, yet comfortable range of motion, and you'll develop that lean, streamlined look.


Itís important, after having contracted muscles during your rebounder exercise workout that you re-establish full range of motion within the muscles and joints. After working out on a mini trampoline rebounder stretching allows you to get in touch with your deeper self, and gain repose after your rebounding and conditioning routines.


INNERSPACES (5 minutes)






Mini trampoline rebounding exercise workouts contain more than just the benefits of rebounding exercise workouts 


Among them a variety of techniques in Starbound my book and also from my Starbound Workout DVD, and others devoted to stress management, can be integrated into this phase of your workout.

  • Breathe deeply and slowly throughout all stretch routines following rebounder exercise workouts using mini trampolines,, making a habit of extending each stretch, gently, on each exhalation.

  • Pay attention to posture throughout sequences, using the rim of the mini trampoline rebounder for support and postural alignment.

  • Take care to wrap up and stay warm, especially in winter at the end of your mini trampoline rebounder aerobics workouts, as you enter the relaxation phase

  • Whatever the pressures in everyday life, itís important we treat ourselves to some daily relaxation.

  • Use your mini trampoline video sessions to welcome in a period of 'Time Out' every day.

  • As you finish your rebounding workouts, prepare to enter a space of contemplation, prepare for meditation - let go of worries and manage stress!!!

  • Innerspaces is the final sequence in The Starbound Workout video.


    Enjoy this gentle relaxation sequence in the video, at the end of a longer rebound aerobics workout, or at any time you feel the need to release and relax your body and mind!


    Lie back on the floor, raise your feet up onto the mini trampoline mat, breathe deeply, close your eyes and prepare to take a well-earned break!


    I talk you through a calming guided relaxation sequence, to release and relax your entire body from top to toe! Within a few minutes, youíll find yourself melting into the floor!

  • For a more detailed overview of Starbound Workout DVD for mini trampolines please review the pages in this section of my site


    Whether a few minutes or an hour you can vary sessions to suit your schedule, and tailor mini trampoline workouts to meet your needs.



Starbounds mini trampoline  rebounding exercise DVDS and rebounding book provide a complete series of workouts for home exercise on mini trampolines

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Choose quality mini trampoline rebounder from Starbounds shop for international delivery

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Use rebounder exercise workout plans in my Starbound book with Starbound Workout DVDs to reach you goals

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