Fantastic offers for the worlds best minitrampoline rebounders and mini trampoline exercises in Starbound Workout rebounding exercise DVDs, mini trampoline video compilation, and best-seller Starbound Book of rebounding exercises and mini trampoline lifestyle plans. - Save $ with Starbound rebounding exercise Needak rebounder packs;  save £ with Starbounds UK trimilin rebounder mini trampolines - get the best rebounding exercise workouts in the world with Starbounds mini trampoline videos, DVDs and rebounding exercises in the Starbound book

Mini trampoline rebounders provide a complete home exercise gym with Starbound Workout mini trampoline rebounding exercise videos books and DVD

Starbound mini trampoline workouts are included in Energyia holitic fitness exercise retreat holidays



The worlds best quality mini trampolines, lymphaciser rebounders, Original rainbow RH48 Pro rebounders and R36 Med rebounders New Zealand, Australia, USA and UK and mini trampoline workouts in Starbound books and rebounding exercise videos, DVDS, mini trampoline rebounding exercise coaching and courses


Choose top quality mini trampoline rebounders for Starbound mini trampoline DVD rebounding exercise workout DVD and mini trampoline workouts in Starbound book for health and wellness plans rebounder exercises



A perfect home gym with best quality mini trampoline rebounders also known as rainbow lymphaciser rebounders - the TH48 pro PLus and the R36 med Plus rainbow lymphacisers provide a stable surface tension for mini trampoline workouts




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Mini trampoline workouts including skipping workouts outlined in my Starbound book of rebounding exercise plans


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Rebounding exercises are presented in the Starbound book of mini trampoline workouts within a well balanced rebounding exercise and lifestyle programme


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Special Offer New Zealand Lymphaciser mini trampoline rebounders, hand made in New Zealand - special offer this month with my FREE starbound book and two hour DVD compilation





Best Quality Trimilin Rebounders for Mini Trampoline workouts in UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand and Starbound mini trampoline workouts in USA Needak rebounder packages.



If you have any queries about your mini trampoline workouts or choosing the best rebounder for your workouts please email any time.



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 I just want to say thank you Michele for your amazing DVD.


It is the best mini trampoline exercise DVD video I've ever used. The combination of the scenery, the music, and your instruction is really inspiring.


And there is so much variety. The video has really helped me to use the rebounder in a whole new way. I feel as if you are with me in the living room. And I use it twice a day - so I feel as though I know you pretty well!


By the way I have lost ten kilos in the last three months, just doing 15 minutes of bouncing, combined with one of the sculpting routines, twice every day. 


I feel as if something is missing if I haven't had my Starbound mini trampoline workout session...' Ms H Leonard - Manchester


Mini trampoline workouts on quality rebounders provide the fastest way to tone and streamline your body and lose weight  fast




Books, DVDs 

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Mini trampoline workouts provide ideal exercise for the elderly. Use mini trampoline support bars to provide confidence with balance if you are unsteady or unsure on your feet.


By following Starboundís unique system of rebounding aerobics you learn to adapt rebounding exercises to your personal level, skills, and rate of progress.


More than just a rebounding regime, Starbounding encourages you to perform rebounding aerobics on mini trampolines, within five Starbound health and fitness rebounding zones, to achieve a well-balanced rebounding aerobics workout.


 Starbound rebounding aerobics skills are performed with a soft pulsing foundation bounce, with the feet staying close to the mat.





Mini trampoline rebounding workouts on Energyia holisitc exercise holiday retreats


Join Michele Wilburn ifor 'Energyia Holistic Fitness exercise Holiday retreats' - Mini trampoline rebounding exercise tuition is included in Energyia Holistic Holiday exercise retreats along with Energyia Kinetics - my new release of exercise workouts include yogaflow and pilates based exercise workouts interspersed with mini trampoline workouts



When rebounding with Starbound mini trampoline workouts, rebounders becomes a power-packed, healthy lifestyle tool - for fitness, cosmetic, and healing benefits.


 Starbound Workout rebounding sessions are designed to revitalize your energy. Whether you perform mini trampoline exercises for a moment, a few minutes or an hour, you'll be amazed at the difference even gentle rebounding makes

.Add a variety of home gym equipment to your mini trampoline workouts for a complete home gym


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Starbound mini trampoline workouts integrate a unique blend of rebounding exercises and relaxation techniques - aerobic dance, body conditioning, yoga, stretch routines, trampolining, breathing exercises, cross-crawl techniques and even facial exercise.


Quality mini trampolines for rebounding exercise workouts


Enjoyment's the key when rebounding! You have Fun rebounding! Mini trampolines do the Work!

The Starbound Book of Mini trampoline exercises and lifestyle plans is an international best seller  The Starbound Workout rebounding exercise DVD and video volumes provide rebounding exercise for  beginners to advanced, within 3 rebounding workoutsThe Star of David design New Zealand lymphaciser rebounders offer perfect rebounding exercise workouts for top quality mini trampoline exercise Starbound arranges delivery of NZ lymphaciser rebounders to provide the best quality rebounder mini trampolines for mini trampoline workouts in Starbound rebounding exercise books and videos - we provide lymphacviser reboudners for  rebounding exercise for UK rebounders NZ and Australian  rainbow RH48 lymphaciser rebounder and USA and Canada mini trampolines rebounders Starbound Workout DVD and video workouts for mini trampolines are filmed on the Dead Sea in Jordan to bring a holistic Spirit to your workout at home

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Starbound provides the best mini trampoline rebounding exercise videos and dvdS

 Starbounding Rebounding DVD Mini trampoline Book Starbound Enterprise Rebounding Tips Rebounding Forces Why choose a quality mini trampoline? Choosing Rebounders


Mini Trampoline Rebounder Exercise WORKOUTS ONLINE, DVD AND VIDEOS

Michele Wilburn author producer OF sTARBOUND VIDEOS AND dvd and transformation coach. Starbound provides the worlds best mini trampoline rebounding exercise workouts books and videos



"Undisputed Queen of the Mini Trampoline" 

 ~ Daily Telegraph UK


Europe mini trampoline books & rebounding DVDS Ä

Rest of World: Starbound mini trampoline books & DVDS


Shop with Starbound in the country regions above for mini trampoline rebounders, Starbound rebounder exercise DVDs and books.


Starbounding provides a unique system of mini trampoline exercise for rebounder workouts. Workout on your mini trampoline in 5 starbound zones for health and fitness. Starbound skills are sequentially developed from beginners to advanced reboundingStarbounding Welcome 5 Star Fitness  Home Gym

Ideal Exercise Evolutions  Press Reports Starbound Bonus


Workout n and around your mini trampoline as a complete home gym with fit kit accessories

Why Quality Mini trampolines provide a PERFECT HOME GYM for health fitness and wellbeing


Quality rebounders for mini trampoline workouts provide a versatile & complete home exercise gym. You'll use mini trampoline rebounders not just for bouncing during rebounding exercise workouts but as a great platform for a variety of home exercise workouts including pilates and yoga exercises


   "Use Starbound simply as a fitness programme with the bouncer as a central prop, or extend it into a whole philosophy for healthy living, combining physical activity with attention to diet, stress reduction, and numerous complementary therapies. In all, itís a mix of Western exercise routines and Eastern holistic healing." Time Out Magazine


You'll be surprised by the versatility of your rebounder for Home Gym Exercise


Use mini trampoline rebounder equipment in a variety of ways to vary your rebound aerobics workouts Create catchy rebounding  routines, using 1*Star, 2** and 3*** Starbound skills. Rebounding exercise video workouts in Module 3 of The Starbound Workout DVD mixed with sculpting intervals provide mini trampoline workouts with rebounding exercises to develop reaction time, balance, coordination and speed.

  • Use the rebounder on edge during mini trampoline workouts as a barre to support posture & alignment

  • The soft mat cushions your knees and spine during mini trampoline workout conditioning routines

  • Bands and weights are optional during mini trampoline woprkouts, to increase resistance when conditioning during cardio rebounding aerobics workouts.

Tease Your body into Action with Mini Trampoline Home Gym Workouts with a

catchy Blend of Bounce with strength and conditioning, pilates rings, step, mini balls, exercise balls, bands and Barre


 MIni trampoline workouts with Mihcele Wilburn for all ages from childrens rebounding workouts to rebounding for the elderly.


Conditioning around your rebounder during mini trampoline workouts, followed with bouts of bounce routines provides a great training.


Working out on the rebounder during mini trampoline workouts you achieve up to 68% more work for the same amount of work and oxygen uptake.


Starbound Adds New Dimensions to Rebounding Exercise Workouts


With a quality mini trampoline at home you'll benefit by adding bounce exercise to a variety of other home workouts. Mini trampoline workouts are suitable for all ages The whole family benefits from bouncing!



Create catchy bounce routines during mini trampoline workouts


Add skipping to mini trampoline workouts for variety


Turn your rebounder on edge to use as a ballet barre for postural support during stretch and conditioning


Conditioning from the soft mat during mini trampoline workouts really cushions your back and knees


The height of the rebounder from the floor provides a perfect height for extended range of motion bodyweight exercise during mini trampoline workouts




The Starbound Workout approach to mini trampoline workouts  is popular with Pilates Instructors, Yoga Teachers, Personal Trainers, and instructors of a variety of other exercise regimes. They find the mini trampoline useful for integrating into group workout sessions, and personal training programmes.


Mini trampoline workouts on qualoity rebounders for all ages from rebounding workouts for children to mini trampoline workouts through the life cycle from babes to rgannies


Mini trampoline workouts include scutlping routines to tone and trim your torso Mini trampoline rebounder mats provide a great surface for conditioning throughout your workout




Mini trampoline workouts on rebounders bridge the Generation Gap!



Mini trampoline workouts provide ideal home exercise workouts for the whole family


Mini trampolines provide really comfortable equipment for blending mini trampoline workouts with a catchy blend of bounce with dance, yoga, cross crawl, visual and even facial exercise found in my


Starbound book Resolution Plans for mini trampoline workouts. In my Starbound book of mini trampoline workouts and lifestyle plans I present a section on Life Cycles. From babes to grannies there's a mini trampoline workout for everyone.



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Mini trampoline workouts provide ideal exercise at home for the whole family



A gentle bounce works wonders! Use your mini trampoline workouts to slim, tone and streamline your Whole Body!


The beauty of exercising on rebounders is that everyone can benefit, no matter of what age or level of fitness. Mini trampoline workouts can easily be adapted to a level that best suits you.


You do NOT have to exercise for an hour at a time to improve your fitness levels, and for numerous benefits for your health and fitness.


ďJust a note to say how delighted I am with the ORIGINAL lymphaciser rebounder. It is the first piece of exercise equipment that I have really enjoyed using, and I anticipate continued use of it for a long time. It is completely non-jarring to my joints and I could never return to doing workouts on a hard surface again!Ē (Kathleen Reid, Glasgow)



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Regular ten-minute mini trampoline workouts using rebounders -  with quality rebounding exercises WILL make an enormous difference to your health, fitness, and general sense of well-being.


Rebounding aerobic cardio exercise during mini trampoline workouts, with rebounding exercises on mini trampolines in your target zones, can be enjoyed spontaneously or in planned sessions.


Either make the most of the moment and bounce just for the fun of bouncing or take the phone off the hook and treat yourself to some well-earned time-out with extended mini trampoline workouts!



Thereís no need to dress for gym or wear training shoes on quality mini trampolines. You can choose music to suit your mood, or workout with me guiding you on The Starbound Workout videos on DVD.


For busy mums thereís no need to worry about baby-sitters, travel, or time. The whole family benefits.


You banish aches and pains often associated with other forms of exercise, experience inch and weight loss, activate your metabolism, boost your immune system to enjoy better health, and tap energy to full advantage.


Most mini trampoline rebounders have detachable legs that screw on, or folding legs for easy storage.


With quality mini trampolines you can be assured of a smooth, yielding, rebounding experience eliminating stress impact usually experienced when working out on the floor


A room height of 2.40 meters is usually quite sufficient for performing rebounding exercises.


Starbound rebounding exercise workouts using mini trampolines provide versatile and invigorating home gym exercises - designed to add new dimensions to rebounding on mini trampolines.


Quality USA Needak rebounders are now all available in blue or black, in either non fold or half fold.





Exercising on Mini trampolines  is known as 'Rebounding'

Rebounding on mini trampolines involves a variety of rebounding exercises, performed on the mat of the rebounder, to stimulate marvellous health and fitness benefits.



Mini trampoline exercises don't have to involve strenuous effort for you to reap the benefits.


When mini trampoline workouts are a part of your daily routine, you'll enjoy the bounty of better health and fitness - live life to the full!


Mini trampoline workouts using quality rebounders are suited to all ages and levels of fitness.


Starbound mini trampoline rebounder techniques are easily merged with a variety of other Home Exercise mini trampoline workouts and alternative workout routines.


By adding gentle rebounding exercise patterns and small mini trampoline rebounding workouts between conditioning and stretch routines, circulation and oxygen supplies are improved, and the heart rate is elevated - encouraging the workout to become more effective.


During mini trampoline workouts on rebounder mobility, conditioning, stretch and relaxation sequences are performed on and around the mini trampoline mat - exercise becomes far more comfortable. Postural alignment, core stability, and postural balance are enhanced.


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Most health and fitness home exercise workouts can be adapted with ease, to incorporate rebounding exercises, using mini trampolines.


Set your Goals! Use Starbound mini trampoline workouts for fun and fitness at home



Most people are surprised by the versatility of the mini trampoline when introduced to Starboundís rebounder aerobics workout programmes.


People often write to Starbound Enterprise to express their delight and share their rebounding experiences.


Most say they are using their mini trampoline far more often, thanks to the Starbound Workout on video.


Youíll be surprised by how versatile rebounders are during Starbound sessions


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MIni trampoline workouts in my Starbound books and rebounding exercise videos on DVD


 In Starbound my book and The Starbound Workout rebounding aerobics video and DVDs  youíll find a variety of rebound aerobic programmes, to keep you motivated, and inspired with your mini trampoline sessions.



Specially compiled from three volumes into a two hour package, mini trampoline videos are available from Michele Wilburn and selected agents.



Mini trampoline rebounding exercise workouts, in Starbound my book and The Starbound Workout DVDs and video, are designed to complement each other.



In Starbound my book and The Starbound Workout on DVD youíll find mini trampoline workouts with rebounding exercises to keep you motivated and inspired with mini trampoline sessions.


The Starbound Workout is performed using mini trampolines in a number of ways, to put the spring into your step - fun into fitness! 

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Starbounds mini trampoline  rebounding exercise DVDS and rebounding book provide a complete series of workouts for home exercise on mini trampolines

Mini trampoline Books and rebounding DVD

Starbound rebounding exercise books & rebounding exercise DVD UK

Books & NTSC DVD for USA & Canada

Books & DVD Pal; Europe

Books & DVD Pal; Rest of World

Pal & NTSC DVD Country Guides



Use rebounder exercise workout plans in my Starbound book with Starbound Workout DVDs to reach you goals

Skipping ropes

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Flower Power Aromatherapy

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Quality USA Needak rebounders are now all available in blue or black, in either non fold or half fold.

Mini trampolines UK

Rebounders USA

Rebounders Australia

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A Quality mini trampoline



Join Michele Wilburn for 'Energyia Holistic Fitness Exercise Holiday Retreats'  Mini trampoline workout coaching is included in Energyia Holistic Holiday retreat exercise workout sessions. 


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