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 Lymphaciser rebounders - the RH48 spring Pro and the R46 spring Med are now available in Australia and New Zealand.




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It has been assessed that rebounding on a  quality mini trampoline rebounder provides about the same impact on your body and joints as walking on a carpeted floor surface.


It is important to learn correct skill technique, in particular with a focus on postural stance throughout a variety of rebounding workout exercise skills.


Exercising with a  mini trampoline your body becomes lean - like a dancer's, rather than bulked up with muscle.


If you're housebound during the day, or working long hours at a desk, quality mini trampoline rebounders provide ideal home and workplace exercise equipment, for short sessions of exercise.


In an instant you revitalize your energy, increase circulation, and replenish vital supplies of oxygen.


The Starbound Workout rebounding exercise mini trampoline DVD volumes are filmed at the glorious Movenpick Resor and Sanctury Zara Spa in Jordan - a lovely ambience for your rebounding workouts at home.


Mini trampoline workouts on quality rebounders with my Starbound mini trampoline workouts on video and DVD are designed to boost your energy and revive your spirits! You overcome the inertia that normally weights you down exercising at home. Feel Light! Joyful! Express POSITIVE ENERGY!



Starbound Mini Trampoline workouts incorporate a 5 Star Fitness approach to rebounding exercise workouts. More than just a bounce regime you'll use and move about your rebounder in a variety of ways exercising to achieve a well-rounded fitness programme.


Quality mini trampoline rebounders provider a central focus around wich you can build a perfect home gym.


Simply setting up a pulsating rhythm on the rebounder mat sends healing waves of vibration through your whole body, refreshing fluid circulation, opening up your breathing - revitalising your energy with mini trampoline workouts.


When rebounding aerobics on your mini trampoline is a part of your daily routine, you'll enjoy the bounty of better health and fitness - live life to the full!


 The Starbound Book of Mini trampoline exercises and lifestyle plans is an international best seller The Starbound Workout rebounding exercise DVD and video volumes provide rebounding exercise for  beginners to advanced, within 3 rebounding workouts The Star of David design of the New Zealand lymphaciser rebounders offers impeccable rebounding exercises for top quality mini trampoline workoutsStarbound best quality rebounder mini trampolines for mini trampoline workouts  rebounding exercise for UK trimilin rebounders NZ and Australian trimilin rainbow REH48 lymphaciser rebounder USA Needak rebounders   Starbound Workout DVD and video workouts for mini trampolines are filmed on the Dead Sea in Jordan to bring a holistic Spirit to your workout at home

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DVDs & Books DVDs & Books DVDs & Books DVDs & Books

Europe mini trampoline books & rebounding DVDS

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Welcome to Starbound mini trampoline workouts for health fitness and beauty

Michele Wilburn mini trampoline workout coach Starbound rebounding workout mini trampoline DVD and Starbound book

Starbounding, my mini trampoline rebounding exercise workout system have evolved over thirty years, providing the worlds first fully developed rebounding exercise workouts on quality mini trampoline rebounders. If you’re new to the concept of rebounding on mini trampolines, now’s the time to bounce your way around and become inspired!


If you have any queries about the benefits of rebounding exercise or need help choosing a mini trampoline rebounder that will be suitable for my Starbound DVDs or mini trampoline workouts in my Starbound book please email me.


I respond to all queries personally and will reply to you as soon as I can.




Starbounding Welcome  5 Star Fitness Complete Home Gym

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A Mini trampoline workout video montage showing the menu options from my two hour Starbound Workout 'Five Star Fitness' video DVD rebounding exercise video compilation

Michele Wilburn author presenter and mini trampoline rebounding exercise coach introduces the Starbound mini trampolinerebounder workouts exercising on rebounders

More than just a bounce regime my Starbound book provides mini trampoline rebounding exercise workouts in Resolution Plans - lifestyle plans using quality rebounders as a central focus for fitness, healing, beauty, health and wellness.


Starbound Mini trampoline workouts - Ideal Exercise for transformation



Nourishing to tissues and joints


Accessible in Busy lifestyles


Versatile for the Whole family


Effective in Cosmetic Image


Beneficial for Mind Body and Spirit


Energizing and Fun to Perform


With a focus on 5 Star Fitness , as presented in my Starbound Workout video compilation on DVD, you'll exercise on your rebounder within 5 zones, combining rebounding exercises with mobility, sculpting and deep stretch, performed on and around your mini trampoline to strengthen, streamline and develop flexibility - jump starting your body into great shape!



The Starbound book of mini trampoline workouts includes a five star apporach to fitness using your rebounder forworkouts in 5 Starbound zones for total fitness


10 great reasons why mini trampoline workouts on rebounders provide perfect exercise for the family

  1. Rebounding exercise is effective in cosmetic image

  2. Versatile for the whole family

  3. Nourishes tissues and joints - rebounder exercise workouts relieve stress impact

  4. Energizing for mind, body and spirit

  5. Fun to perform - mini trampoline rebounding exercise workouts overcome the inertia of many exercise programmes

  6. Mini trampoline workouts are accessible in busy lifestyles - you benefit using mini trampoline rebounding workouts for a few minutes or an hour

  7. Mini trampoline workouts require little space 40"/102cm is all you need

  8. Rebounding exercise boosts your lymphatic system and immune response,  cardio, respiratory, skeletal - all body systems

  9. Just 10 minutes of rebounding exercise is equivalent to 30 minutes jogging - you achieve up to 68% more efficient training for the same oxygen uptake

  10. Mini trampoline rebounding workouts use gravity with the forces of acceleration and deceleration to maximise fitness training in the vertical plane



This Months Special Offer


Free Starbound Workout 2 hour rebounding exercise DVD with all quality mini trampoline rebounders. Plus special combination prices for Starbound books with rebounding exercise workout DVDs. Please purchase Starbound DVD and books from these links


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The Starbound Workout mini trampoline  rebounder workout DVD Volume One is a compilation of three rebounder DVD modules in one - over two hours or rebounding workout DVD routines


$ New Zealand

$ USA & Canada

£ UK & Europe

$ Australia





DVDs & Books DVDs & Books DVDs & Books DVDs & Books

Europe mini trampoline books & rebounding DVDS

Rest of World: Starbound mini trampoline books & DVDS






A special 2 hour mini trampoline workout video compilation with all rebounding workouts from the Starbound series

Presented, Choreographed & Produced by Michele Wilburn, international rebounding mini trampoline exercise coach



Starbound rebounding exercise DVD workouts provide versatile and invigorating home exercises, designed to add new dimensions to rebounding using quality mini trampolines.


Starbound sequential skill directories provide mini trampoline skill progressions from beginners to advanced for rebounding workouts.


Learning and perfecting Starbound skills for mini trampoline workouts is crucial to safe and effective  rebounding exercise.




The Starbound Workout  video brings the delights of one of the worlds most beautiful Health and Beauty Spas into your home! Filmed on the Dead Sea in Jordan, the lowest point on earth, at the Sanctuary Zara Spa and Movenpick resort.


Along with a great selection of mini trampoline workout sequences in my video compilation, you benefit from Starbounds unique directories of rebounding skills!


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Specially compiled from three volumes into a two hour package, The Starbound Workout mini trampoline video compilation on DVD complements Mini trampoline rebounding exercise workouts, in Starbound my book


The solution to meet numerous requests from far and wide for Starbound rebounding aerobic mini trampoline workshops, was to produce the Starbound Workout rebounding video available on DVD


The video workouts bring sequences of the Starbound Workout to you at home, along with the benefit of my private instruction! Together they provide motivation, inspiration,  and  a confident foundation for rebounding exercise mini trampoline workouts at home.


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My Starbound book of rebounding exercises and healthy mini trampoline lifestyle plans, together with The Starbound Workout mini trampoline videos, provide a perfect rebounding package to help you use mini trampolines safely and effectively at home.


With special thanks to Royal Jordanian, I was able to film The Starbound Workout mini trampoline rebounding  DVD volumes in the glorious ambience of the 5 Star Mövenpick Resort, and The Sanctuary Zara Spa, on the shores of the Dead Sea, Jordan.





Many photos in this site are from my Starbound rebounding exercise video & DVD production The Starbound Workout'  and from Starbound, my mini trampoline book of rebounding exercises.


Compiled into a special two hour edition, Starbound mini trampoline rebounder DVD workouts  have been filmed in over thirty glorious locations. More magical than you can imagine!

The Starbound Workout series of DVDs contains all you need to get rebounding safely and effectively - with style!



So what is a Rebounder or

Mini trampoline?


 Mini trampoline rebounders come in all shapes and sizes - mainly circular. Mini trampolines are suitable for performing rebounding exercise workouts indoors, either indoors at home, in the garden or at the gym.



You can choose quality mini trampoline rebounders either with steel rebounder springs, or with bungee cable cord springs - both systems for attaching the rebounder mat to a sturdy frame.



Best quality mini trampoline rebounders are sold with quality rebounder spring covers which are important for safety



Rebounding workouts on mini trampolines, also known as rebounders, bouncers and exercise rebounders, provides perfect home exercise and has become very popular in exercise studios and gyms.


Starbound Workout mini trampoline rebounding exercise videos are filmed on quality Original trimilin lymphaciser rainbow rebounders - the Original trimilin Pro Plus RH48 lymphaciser rebounders and quality soft bounce R36 Rainbow rebounders.


 RH48 lymphaciser rebounder and the R36 are among the best rebounders for home exercise  



They're 40” (102cm) in diameter. Rebounders, smaller in size may not allow enough mat space for safely performing a range of rebounding skills - and research by biomechanical scientists has shown that 40" 102cm diameter of the entire rebounder provides  the best surface for biomechanical stability



 mini trampoline rebounders stand approximately 8 inches (25cm) from the floor, and have a carrying weight of between 6 and 15kg.



Most mini trampoline rebounders have detachable legs that screw on, or are spring loaded for easy storage.


With quality mini trampolines you can be assured of a smooth, yielding, rebounding exercise experience! A room height of 2.40 meters is usually quite sufficient for performing rebounding exercises for a wide variety of mini trampoline workouts. Quality mini trampolines are great equipment for fitness workouts at home - the whole family benefits from rebounding exercises


When my daughter was born the workouts I'd instructed for years flew out the door. Exercise at home never provided the lift I sought. In the 1980's, visiting a friend in New Zealand, I was first introduced to the mini trampoline.


I knew immediately I'd found the best route to fitness at home. Excited by the potential of mini trampoline rebounding exercise workouts and recognizing the many benefits of rebounding exercise workouts I set about developing mini trampoline workouts for my friends and clients.


They shared my enthusiasm and my Starbound mini trampoline rebounding exercise workouts grew in popularity. I began coaching Starbound rebounding exercise workshops from the Gym at the Sanctuary in Covent Garden in the heart of London in the late 1980's


Since my book of mini trampoline rebounding exercise workouts, Starbound, launched internationally, I travelled widely for many years introducing the Starbound system of mini trampoline workouts around the world, coaching mini trampoline rebounding exercise workouts, producing mini trampoline rebounding exercise videos and hosting Starbound's Energyia Holistic Fitness Exercise Retreat holidays.



Whatever your age, Starbound mini trampoline workouts are designed to help you to reap numerous benefits of rebounding exercises - you'll look and feel better! Throughout this site you can explore contents of my Starbound Workout rebounding exercise DVD series and my Starbound book of rebounding workouts for mini trampoline exercise workouts and lifestyle transformation  plans.


NASA research scientists in the late 1970's revealed rebounding exercise is an extremely effective form of exercise.


Nasa scientists had carried out extensive tests to discover the best way to provide their astronauts an effective exercise regime in outer space. Concerned by the effects of zero gravity, leading to diminished muscular tone, strength and endurance, their research lead to the astronauts taking exercise by bouncing off the walls of their spacecraft.


Nasa studies revealed that mini trampoline exercises line up 3 Power horses, in the vertical plane to work in your favour - Gravity Acceleration and Deceleration



WITH REBOUNDER EXERCISES you line up these forces with every bounce you take! What's more - for the same amount of oxygen Nasa scientists revealed that your body performs up to 68% more work -  you have the fun and gravity does the work! You should never aim to work out at a high intensity when rebounding.



At the top of each bounce, your body weight increases, so your body has to adapt and work harder against the additional resistance. That's why  rebounding aerobic workouts can burn up to 700 calories an hour.


An aerobics rebounding session on the mini trampoline, for between 10 and 20 minutes, is equivalent to running for around three kilometres. And you don't even feel as though you have been working hard at all - to attain a lot more benefit!


Exercising on Mini trampolines is called Rebounding


Rebounding on mini trampolines involves performing a variety of rebounding exercises, on the mat of the rebounder, to stimulate marvellous health and fitness benefits.


Mini trampoline exercises don't have to involve strenuous effort for you to reap the benefits.


Rebounding with Starbound mini trampoline workouts, your rebounder becomes a power-packed, healthy lifestyle tool - for fitness, cosmetic, and healing benefits.




Starbound 5 Star Fitness Mini Trampoline Workouts


A variety of equipment for rebounding mini trampoline exercise workouts and other home exercise workouts - spice up rebounding workouts by cross-training.


Exercise bands for resistance work well with rebounding workouts. As do resistance weights. Exercise balls offer great value to any workouts especially to support deep stretch and sculpting routines. Keep the bounce in your workout!


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Starbound Adds New Dimensions to Rebounding


More than just a rebounding regime, Starbound workouts on mini trampolines take place within five Starbound health and fitness rebounding zones.


You achieve a well-balanced rebounding aerobics workout.As you bounce your way to health and fitness on a mini trampoline your mind is refreshed, and spirits revived!


Starbound rebounding aerobics skills are performed with a soft pulsing foundation bounce, with the feet staying close to the mat





Burn Calories and lose weight with Mini trampoline exercise Workouts


Rebounding on a quality mini trampoline provides a low-impact, calorie-burning cardiovascular and lymphatic workout - altogether far easier on your joints than high-impact activities like jogging and performing aerobics on the floor.



With regular rebounding exercise workouts, along with a healthy approach to your daily food intake, you can lose substantial weight rebounding daily. Within a few weeks and definitely streamline, tighten and tone your problem areas.


What's more - you enjoy the exercise! Even short rebounding workouts on your mini-trampoline can produce great results!  Professor of Movement Science Victor L. Katch, estimated a person of 135 pounds can burn 75 calories with rebounding exercise for about 12 minutes. Someone of 160 pounds will use 86 calories in the same 12 minute workout.

And if you really work strenuously on your rebounder performing 12 minutes of high-impact aerobics you should burn up to 102 calories.


Mini trampoline skills employed within rebounding aerobics training programmes also develop speed, reaction time, agility and co-ordination. Pioneers in visual exercises integrate rebounding exercise using mini trampolines for vision improvement, within therapeutic programmes.


I have coached many professional athletes who swear by the power of mini trampoline workouts - both in their training and in their recovery following competitive exercise.


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I have worked with a number of therapists, including complementary and medical practitioners, who recommend clients for Starbound Mini Trampoline Workout coaching, advice on rebounding exercises, rehabilitation, and general fitness plans.



Kinesiologists and complementary therapists, refer clients for Starbound mini trampoline workout coaching, to reap the benefits of rebounding exercise for health, healing and energy.



Physiotherapists use rebounders in their programmes for rehabilitation, operation recovery, and general recuperation from injury. Rebound exercise offers ideal rehabilitation for many foot, knee, and leg injuries.


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Rebounding Eliminates stress impact on the joints, building on kinetic energy supplies


Rebounding exercise is low impact - Kind to the Joints! Nourishing and detoxifying at the same time.


The beauty of rebounding exercise is that everyone can benefit, no matter of what age or level of fitness. Mini trampoline rebounding workouts can easily be adapted to a level that best suits you.


Exercising on a mini trampoline rebounder you feel light, joyful, and express positive energy. Whether for a couple of minutes or an hour - rebounding on a quality mini trampoline rebounder recharges your energy, lightens your mood, frees your spirit - you simply feel better!.




Following Starbound’s unique system of rebounding aerobics you adapt rebounding exercises to your personal level, skills, and rate of progress


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